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  • BlackWind

    Well apparently Raven has started some awkward conversation and just hinted Amanda that Chrissy has a boyfriend, let’s just hope she doesn’t try anything with Quick to make a “Deja vu” type of event.
    On another note that “Mario” is yet another Las Lindas reversal this one being of Mora X3 the fun continues in an awkward way

  • Regulos14

    So is Chrissy surprised that Raven still has feelings for Quick or did she not know about Jazmin’s feelings?

    • BlackWind

      Chrissy does know that Jazmin was interested in Quick but she is unaware that she has indirectly been getting herself n Quick alone many times and has found herself tempted to “jump his bones” only to stop or being stopped by circumstance (1st time stealing a kiss from Quick 2nd time Reiko coming to look for them)

  • neksuscat .

    *giggity* My-my, that’s getting better and better! XD
    I do hope Amanda won’t try to steal Quick for a quick romp, per usual.
    And boy, Raven, you shouldn’t sell you so low, indeed! Just have a look at that cute face and lovely curves~<3
    I'd take her for a date in a heartbeat! 😀

  • Merlin Cross

    So should we expect GB’d Rachel in the next panel?

    • neksuscat .

      If anyone will start a fight, I bet we’ll see herhim, kicking bullies out! XD

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    It’s now clear that Chrissy isn’t aware of Jazmin’s feelings for Quick since she now realizes that Raven still Harbor feelings for him. Plus, I think she’s drinking more cause she torn over it. Wonder what Quick will do to mend the hurt without hurting Chrissy. Or maybe Chrissy is the one to mend the hurt. Seriously, what you guys think?

    • neksuscat .

      I think Chrissy doesn’t realise that Jazmin has feelings for Quick, just like Raven has, because she always thought that it would be a problem in a guy she’ll date, not in other girls, that’ll try to steal her BF from her, even though Amanda did that with Cody, she seems more concerned about Quick going to ditch her, than other way round.
      I only hope she won’t go in a jealous frenzy, guarding him from the “other girl threat”, like some girls do.

      • Jonathan Vasquez

        I agree on Amanda, plus Cody is hopeless idiot who knows what Amanda is doing AND let’s her. However, even if she tries something with Quick, he’ll just bounce her off as he has with Raven and,Jazmin. For Jazmin, it’s she love by HER choice instead of one chosen for her. As for Raven, she and Quick have a lot in common then any other guy she’s gone with but feels she can’t compete. With that said, Chrissy needs to realize this to avoid another jealously rage. Otherwise, she’ll lose Quick for good. You agree?

        • neksuscat .

          If she’ll start another jealousy agenda, that may for sure ruin their relationship, no matter if Quick or Chrissy would do something wrong.
          And thus I come to think – maybe they’re not that good as a couple? Then again, couples are getting stronger together, after overcomming issues..
          We’ll have to see how it goes.

      • BlackWind

        Chrissy is aware that Jazmin was interested in Quick but she did warn her that if she was to dump him or friend zone him again she would take him for herself

        • neksuscat .

          Well, Chrissy for sure not thinking that Jaz would try and make some “innocent” moves towards Quick, as she did in a few pages back.

  • Gamma

    My God the thirst is so strong, you wonder if they even sell DRINKS at “Los Lindos?”

  • MrAMP

    so Rule 63 Mora finally showed his/her face. I just now noticed that
    all the gender bent Las Lindas folks tend to have long hair!

    I must confess that I too thought that the pink bubble was Mario’s
    nipple and not a drunk bubble. And I can also see why Chrissy would
    want to keep Quick away from Mandy after that whole “Cody Incident.” I
    feel kind of bad for Ravin in a way for selling herself short. Granted
    she was somewhat of a tool and general jerk back in the day, she was
    rather aggressive and charming in her own right.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Alas poor godai. I knew him well.

  • Cathy

    holy crap her hair! <3

  • BlackWind

    Well now that Raven opened her mouth Chrissy’s secret of having Quick as her boyfriend is now known to Amanda and that look on her face spells trouble in the forsee able future (I’m Calling it as of now)

  • Ubergnar247

    I expected a Rule 63 Mora to happen, and result!

  • Timecapsule13

    GOD DANGIT!!! Two in a row!?!?! Why man why!?!

    • Thomas Mandell

      Nope it’s three, cause when the girls entered the club they were met by a Rule 63ed Alejandra

      • Timecapsule13

        Yeah, but that one didnt really make my exception rule..

  • Thomas Mandell

    Notice how quick that Raven is trying to change the subject after sorta spilling the beans about Jazmin.

  • Conquest

    R.I.P MasterGodai we hardly new ye….

  • Dragoncat

    Well… A girl can dream, can’t she?