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  • MrAMP

    Yeah…he’s going to get pawned here shortly isn’t he?

  • Cory Tenorio

    BAA HA HAAA!!! Oh that’s hilarious! And jaz almost looks jealous.

    • Ha hah actually Jazmin looks like “well at least he’s willing to experiment” type thought but still embarrassed about it tho just mild disappointed

  • deathknight

    And then…he died of embarassment

    • Gamma

      Unless she doesn’t kill him first?

      • Shadowkey392

        Do you think that would count as death by embarrassment in this case?

        • AeonsShadow

          I would say Death by Second-Hand Embarrassment in this case.

  • Raptor052

    Taking all bets I got 3:1 odds that Jazmin knocks Quick out of/through a car door next page.

    • Trev

      I’ll bet against the beating!

    • Dragoncat

      I’m predicting a glow-in-the-dark handprint on his face before the car ride ends.

  • ShadeStalker

    Who wants to bet he has an Eiffel tower in his pants about now?

  • Neksuscat

    Oh god, that’s hilariously disturbing! XD
    Poor Quick, he’s never going to catch a break, isn’t he? :p

    • Well that shows that in his heart there’s Chrissy +1 so she’s the one to turn to if things go south again so to speak

      • Neksuscat

        That’s true. As a true gemtleman, he knows where his heart should lie with, unless it’s broken and single again.

  • TheRebelLion96

    Well…that was about Fifty Shades of Awkward.

  • GrYbStEr

    Buehehehehe XD XD XD
    That lasy Jasmin expression XP

  • KC

    I don’t know… didn’t Chrissy “Friend-Zone” Quick? If that’s the case then to Hades with it. He should move on.

    • Neksuscat

      You should reread few previous pages. They just got back together and decided to start all over, because they wanted to be with each other more than with anyone else.

  • Dakota


  • AnonAnon

    Well…. She doesn’t look opposed to the idea anyway :3

  • Dragoncat

    Let’s face it… If not for her mother’s school, Jazmin would have no qualms whatsoever joining a nunnery.

    Although… I can see her looking awesome in a Japanese priestess outfit (like the one Kikyo from Inu-Yasha wears).

    • MissusEto

      you’re wrong though. She likes Quick, it’s just that Quick has Chrissy around him.

      This leads to some drama and harem thoughts. which is kind of cute but sucks for Jazmin… 🙁

      I mean, when a guy makes a “harem” in this case and it’s not centered around his lower regions then It’s not bad… It’s kind of cool >.>
      I mean, Jaz loves Quick, Chrissy loves Quick, and I really don’t want some REALLY stupid drama thing to ruin that.


  • Yugijak

    ………I know I should not laugh…
    …Ah f**k it AH HA HA HA HA Quick got trolled by a quick daydream!

  • zmm

    She’s pondering whether or not she’d be happy with that.. and if she could pull it off haha

    • Well since she stole a kiss from Quick she has become a bit more bolder than before and her sisters influence have kind of gotten into her to kinda “experiment ” things she would normally never do.

  • Cathykat

    … if i was Jazmin I’d be considering murder at this point….im afraid to keep reading

  • Kaiphis

    Oh my… Me thinks he may or may not have been talking out loud for that one.. Aaahh Quick.. gotta be safer about voicing your daydreams. Though I’d have to agree.. I would find it irresistible to have them both. in such a manner.. mmpff bunny and kitty..

  • lol