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#325 Double Buffet

#325 Double Buffet published on 15 Comments on #325 Double Buffet
Page Ran a bit late this week my fault no excuses Hopefully everyone had a chance to see StarWars by now and the “please No spoliers “train has finally pulled into the station …no? then what are you waiting for Go see it ! I dont know whats going on but my body has been uber tired as of late , I normally get out of bed for the day around 7am and now it rolling out around 11am or close to 12pm is it the weather?
  • Cory Tenorio

    Ah the perverted mind. Skye has taught him well.

    • Hold up who says Skye taught him how to be pervy when he had fantasized of Chrissy before but this time added Jazmin to the Mix despite how he knows how she is, guess he is finding her attractive too since her few advances at him

      • Cory Tenorio

        Got the idea from the Goyoku comic. Skye’s first day at the academy where he met Reiko and jaz.

  • Nicole Onyxheart

    yeah, i’d go see it except i don’t have transportation to see it in the theater :/

    also, quick…you adorable perv <3

  • TheRebelLion96

    What the fu- I’m done. I am so done right now! XD
    That last panel left me lost for words! It left me f^#%ing shocked! SHOCKED!!!

  • Polenicus

    Dream that impossible dream, Quickster.

    And if you’re REALLY lucky, it won’t actually happen. If harem anime has taught me anything, it’s that THIS path has a sign over it that says ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’

    • Dragoncat

      Never have truer words been carved in stone…

  • MrAMP

    Although, Quick does prefer him some hot buns too.
    Of course, Quick could have the best of both worlds if Chrissy and Jazmin make him a Quick Omelet.
    If Quick prefers some meat, he can help himself to Chrissy’s massive meatballs.
    If the above is too not correct innuendo wise, Quick can enjoy himself Jazmin’s thick and juicy thighs.
    And don’t forget some delicious milk to cool down there Quick.
    And after that, you can enjoy some of Chrissy and Jazmin’s desserts ala mode.
    Of course, plain vanilla would be too boring. Might I suggest buttering them up?
    Quick can even lather them up with some syrup all over that spread.
    And why use utensils when Quick can use that tongue to clean up the mess!

    That aside, I’m rather shocked that Quick would have fantasies featuring Chrissy and Jazmin. I never imagined him to be that kind of guy. Although, to be fair, all guys have those kinds of thoughts. Even me. I still doubt he would act on them though as evidence in this RotS post. I suspect that Skye trained him well with his mental mind technique.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ahh, every man’s dream. Pity that one never comes true.

    • Or does it? In a drunken stupor where both girls are plastered and he’s sober yeah he would have n awesome time n then some if by themselves.

    • Neksuscat

      Oh-so-true! x3

  • Raptor052

    We know this is a dream because Chrissy didn’t burn the kitchen down while preparing dinner.

  • bladra

    bet any guy would like a dream like that

  • Dragoncat

    Any other time, I would say, “Keep dreaming”. Not in this case, Quick… Not in this case…

  • AnonAnon

    Make it so!