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  • Neksuscat

    Is it just me or did her horns “unwrapped” around her ears and turned to sides? O_o
    Also, that’s some wild word play going over here.
    And quite nasty, I must say..
    Also.. 600$ for a stay? For how long exactly?! O_O

    • Neksuscat

      Ok, nvm, I just looked back at her horns and they just appeared to me to be curled in that way, they always been curved towards the sides.. x3

    • Dude the whooping $600 is her rent deposit for a month of rent at $300 a month or so usually expected upon ready to move in, plus gave her the terms of that deal right there n then, quite fair of her despite the fact she doesn’t like her very much

      • Neksuscat

        Oh.. Well, that I can understand. I just didn’t thought she’d move in for a MONTH.. O-o

  • Shaoz

    *Last Panel*
    o.o… WHUP WHUP shots fired

  • Well this ought to be quite the interesting experience, I’m wondering where in the city does Felicia live at, also who is it that is seeing Felicia /Amanda together in those get ups that is surprising someone that is not Chrissy

  • Jon the Somnium

    I wonder who’s behind the girls? Cody maybe?

  • xShadowdude17x

    Snap! XD

  • greatbasincoyote

    The deposit for my apartment was $200 for a $615/ month rent. Fel is definitely overcharging out of malice and spite.

    • Darkwolf1260

      Mine was 475 plus 200 for my dog for a 475/month apt so 600 up front ain’t bad considering I payed over 1000 for a one bedroom

    • $1,500 plus last month’s rent for a total of $3,000 my first month, but I live in San Francisco so it was actually a very good deal.

  • I like how the end of the comic was.. :3

  • CazzT

    “we do have to respect one another”
    Then immediately says…
    “That’s not hooker money is it?”


  • Guys guys relax it’s just for story sake we shall see how this turns out

  • AnonAnon

    I think they’ll do okay. Also what happened to the old comment system?

  • TheRebelLion96

    Always take the sock on the door seriously! Don’t open it! A great thing to remember when you’re moving in with someone.

  • Larkane

    Personally… I like Felicia’s design XD

  • MrAMP

    Why do I get the feeling that they won’t last a day as roommates?
    And why do I get the feeling that Amanda is going to not sleep well?

  • Jay

    Isn’t Amanda wholly changed ? Her face was wider, now its gotten squashed. And her hair’s bangs are totally different.