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  • Cory Tenorio


    • BlackWind

      No you bet someone else last page for 500 so you lost

      • AnonAnon

        Aw man ;_; – On a different note he seems like the protective father, wonder how things will go when/if he meets Quick.

      • Cory Tenorio

        Ha ha very funny.

        • BlackWind

          It IS a work in progress y’know

          • Cory Tenorio

            I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • neksuscat .

    Well, I bet Quick will be quicker to charm everyone, given the chance to meet Chrissy’s parents. :p

  • Cameron Harrison

    Chrissy’s dad must be some kinda scarey badass

    • Andrew

      No he’s just the dad whose good side you have to get on before you can date his daughter.

    • BlackWind

      Possibly because of all the other guys trying to “marry” his wife (Josh included) so he’s not having that

      • Timecapsule13

        Dude, his wife is supermodel material in that world and if furries truly existed in our world she would be supermodel material here…. seriously, luckiest guy in the world…

        • BlackWind

          Maybe so but you do not covet another man’s wife no matter how beautiful she is, that’s just asking for trouble

          • Timecapsule13

            Yeah, especially when the guy looks rich… just don’t mess with the wife then..

  • Kaiphis

    Well now we also see where a good portion of Crissy’s loos come from. seems she takes after her dad pretty heavily in the face I would say. The cute most certainly comes from mom cause she sure didn’t get daddy’s Jedi mind powers. I half expected him to say “you want to go home and rethink your life.”

  • Christopher Stanley

    Heeeeeere’s Daddy!!!

  • theplaguedkitten

    Mr. McCloud is a total boss :O

    • BlackWind

      Which begs the question of how will Quick fare when meeting him when the time comes

      • theplaguedkitten

        personally i still say quick and jazmin should be together, the pairing is so much better than quick and chrissy… plus josh seems a bit more… emotional towards her than quick is…. also i think quick is just confused more than anything and jaz basically is gonna kidnap him if chrissy messes up 😮

  • MrAMP

    Well, Chrissy’s dad does definitely look older than the first time we saw Quick’s folks.
    Also, Chrissy’s dad is not amused with any man that’s trying to hit on his daughter. XD
    I am curious to know why Amanda is there.

    • BlackWind

      Ah yes it is curious to hear that Amanda is there considering they aren’t friends, so that’s what we’ll see next or so

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    What will Josh do next?
    Will Chrissy stay loyal to Quick?
    What is Amanda troubled about?
    Is Chrissy’s dad secretly a Jedi master with mind-controlling powers?

    Find out next time on Rascals.

    • Gravedigger

      THATS ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toshiro Tushima

    That explained the mark on Chrissy’s face (around her right eye.)

  • Dragoncat

    Yep! Father knows best… Can’t you just imagine the families getting together for the Christmas…?

    Wait a minute! When did Amanda show up? And why is she even there?

  • Cory Tenorio

    Ha ha very funny

  • Alex Smith

    You’re in love with my Daughter and have a crush on my Wife? *Fatherly protective glare* You’re leaving. *Goes inside, hugs family.* (to himself, mine mine mineminemine.)

  • Gotch

    First panel feels like Chrissys dad has a lot larger smile taht intended.

  • Pegassi320

    Next page is 320… XD

  • Glenn Sellers

    I take it Dad doesn’t approve of Josh.