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VW Auto Shopping

VW Auto Shopping published on 17 Comments on VW Auto Shopping
Crimson: Hey, everyfur. Sorry for the late posting, but the best laid plans of mice and men, you know? Right now, the information superhighway has a few traffic jams, so this fan-comic from MrAMP is our next piece until Friday. You gotta love how life’s little… quirks… make things easier for everybody, no? And we both hate ComCast and BrightHouse, tyvm. Toodles!
  • Ohh Mr Amp you just had to push Quicks Buttons didn’t you just hope he doesn’t catch you for just trying to sell a car
    Nice entry (Btw is that your car or someone’s random vehicle you photographed for this?) Nicely done man

    • Glad to see that everyone likes it thus far.

      Anyway, to answer your question, no, that isn’t my car. I was out a couple of days ago helping one of my married couple friends buy a new car. I saw the VW in the lot and remembered that old commercial. After conducting some research and minimalizing Chrissy and Quick, I came up with this little strip.

      I wasn’t too sure if I could use the VW logo but took an easy route and replaced VW with Human Engineering. I didn’t have time to make a logo…that was the only downside to that.

  • Guest

    This is why I buy Ford instead of VW(no offense to any VW owners…. >_>) Built Ford tough!!! >:D

    • i hate to burst your bubble but fords are the worst cars on the road thats why i have only driven Chevys

      • Ravin


        • AflacMan13

          Disagreed. I got me a 2009 Ford Ranger… straight off the factory line. It is running just fine thank you. Thing has enough torque to rip a trailer in half.

          So 😛

          • Personally, it’s not really the brand of car but rather the model and type that makes the difference.

  • DJ Frost


  • This reminds me of VG Cats for some reason.

    • Ah…Yes…VG Cats. That use to be one of my favorite comics until they stopped updating it. Now I tune into Penny Arcade.

  • Ravin

    Quick in this comic reminds me of FMA when anytime someone puts the main character down he goes into a rage and starts calling people arrogant and getting angry.


    • HA FMA is pretty good, especially with the remake.

      In retrospect, I should have probably not made the angry marks the same color as Quick’s hair.

  • Biker530

    Honestly, I’d rather BUILD cars insted of selling them.

  • DJ Frost


  • DJ Frost

    Yes Yes Go On.

  • RyuTheBunny

    *punches someone in the comments* PUNCHBUGGY SILVER 😀

  • Shadowkey392

    I love this one!