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  • Ravin

    So True… so very true…

    Teach you to log out near ICC

    • Blaze984

      you said it

  • Sabourok

    Umm….. what?? Dudn’t understand a word of what just happened. lol

  • RandomAnon

    … and that’s why I ‘m not on a PvP server!


    On the one hand, Quick should just speak his mind and get it over with. But its a shame since I know a bunch of virgin W.O.W. players (not all, a few) who wiuld massacre to have his opportunity.

  • Terrific20Something

    Of course what? What’s going on here?

  • Blaze984

    Hang in there it doesn’t get any easier

  • Yes Trolls ftw! W00t W00t! Still poor quick, damn those sneaky rouges

  • Guest

    Should I be using any jokes that’s related to WoW and bed jokes??? 😛

    • Sandro

      All WoW jokes are bad jokes. Trust me, I play WoW and none of them are really, well, good.

      • Yuluthu

        Bed jokes*

  • difnull

    Surprised I hadn’t seen it yet. <..> FOR THE HORDE!

  • Protect yourself at all times buddy.

  • One Bad Mouse

    “Of course” what? I don’t get it.

    • bladra

      in pvp servers (or player vs player servers) rouges can stealthly attack and stun you for abit which it will give them time to do damage as well as they have certian attacks that can either make you miss more, be stunned agian or even poison you so you get multi damaged from 1 rouge

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Did he get killed already?

    • ragnarok

      No, but he’s been sapped. It’s one of the more annoying attacks the rogue does which stuns the person for a few moments while getting pounded on by the rogue.

      • Tearahk

        It sucks! I have a rouge but I still hate when it happens to me on one of my alts XP

  • dusty

    lol, typing in pvp.. kinda sucks…

  • Rogues do it from behind lol

  • lilspirit16

    XD wow! I should have seen that coming! xD

  • lol Typing in a pvp match should never be done….yet it is still done. XD (not talking about wow)

  • shadebeast


  • AflacMan13

    Ok I am going to say this only once… WOW SUCKS NUGGETS… EVE is better.

    • i find them both quite fun

      • Hawksbri

        you play EVE? 😀

        • MasterGodai

          i used to

    • Yuluthu

      I prefer to switch between the two

      Play wow, get bored of doing same shit every day, play eve

      Play eve, get bored of running sanctums every day, play wow


  • BlackWind

    uhh what just happend there? I don’t play PVP so I just don’t get this segment much except for the part that Raven thinks they have all night to talk when Quck is just there to be clear with her about their relationship which is basically Friends

    • Tearahk

      He got sapped by a rouge. They do that a lot in PVP areas to people they know they either can beat easily or would kill them in a fair fight.

  • SA

    Did Quick always have that little ponytail? Or am I seeing things? Pfft. Looks like I have to re-read the comic. 😡

  • Zillaman

    Only need to say this once: LEROY JENKINS!

  • I hate rouges to hell.

  • I hate rouges to hell.

  • Sanchez

    Woot! Allaince Rogues FOR THE WIN!