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Rascals Pg 96: Boobs!

Rascals Pg 96: Boobs! published on 46 Comments on Rascals Pg 96: Boobs!
Trying something a little different with the layout and speech bubbles this week, folks! Let me know what you think? Also, Please don’t forget to vote for Rascals and the other comics here at Petite Symphony at the vote-links and help get the word out – and if you’re feeling really nice, there’s now a paypal tip jar so you can donate and help keep the comic running. This months cameo spot: Jolty.
  • Terrific20Something

    Adamantium. The lingerie you can trust!

  • Sabourok

    Gee, and I thought that it was only guys that got that distracted by how well endowed a woman is. lol

    • Ravin

      Something tells me this won’t end well.

      • BlackWind

        You really think so too eh? I mean Skye of the “Raging hormones” is only thinking of her Rack and Chrissy is just being “dragged” into trying out her cooking while Reiko is enjoying the show XD (but seriously I want to know how the meeting Quick n Raven have is going)

        • Ravin

          Well, Ask Godai what BJ at the BG means.

          Thats how its going.

  • knux

    AND she can cook(I think). Can this girl be any more perfect?!

    • masteryiron

      I second that

  • A snap back into reality from heavenly visions…curse you Reiko!! DX I say both in-visionments are real!! XD

  • it is a good question, gotta wonder how them puppies are held upright and at attention

    • Guest

      Oh god food tasting!!! D: Gotta make a list to make sure that my stomach won’t get tortured to death!! Ok here’s the list:
      1) Pepto, 2) A bucket like say around 5 gallons worth, 3) Some heartburn medicine might do some good(Tums or something strong), 4) BEER!!!! 5) A set of clothes just incase of vomit on clothes >.>, 6) Milk and Ice Cream incase if it’s too hot(Volcano hot), 7) Add some other secrect herbs and spices(poor food taste DX), 8) Uhmm… I dunno for #8, but I think something VERY important should be here… OH!! Yeah!! A prayer and a Bible to survive!!! TT^TT

  • BlackWind

    curry tasting? hmm me thinks Jolty’s cooking might be hazardous, also it seems Chrissy doesn’t pay attention during conversations

  • marioheatfox

    what urks me is how the heck can she be so stacked without hurting her spine. thats what i want to know.

  • Blaze984

    I love curry and i used to be able to eat anything before i went healthy but i would be honored to sample some curry from such a wonderful lady.

  • While it’s nice to see uber-boobage…

    Lame side-plot is lame. D:

  • bladra

    i bet jolty is a great cook as well as a sexy girl

  • FireFrenzy

    I see MASSIVE lower back problems in some girls future…

    • knux

      With a body like that, I think she can support them XD

  • I’d also love to try her curry, even if it is too damn spicy.

  • WebcomicSurfer

    XD Come on! I wanna see if the cool nerdy squirrel chooses either the cute and nerdy mouse or the civet girl! Anyone else?

  • T-rev

    Because the word bubbles were together does that mean both chrisy and sky said boobs?

    • Drake

      Did both of them just say “Boobs”? or was it just one?

      • Both said it. Looks like Godai was trying a new style with the lettering / panelling and speech bubbles this week.

  • Yup

    Yup, I would be like that in the last pannel.

  • One Bad Mouse

    Adamantium underwear? WOLVERINE APPROVES.

  • masteryiron

    The shadow used on the quotes are nice (I noticed them being used before)
    I personally think that the black-outlined quotes are easier to read. (the mix between the white and the semi-clear backgrounds is a nice touch)

    • Tigerlady

      I agree, I think the larger, bolder font is easier to read, and I also enjoy the way the bubbles are see-through. It lets me see the whole picture. I’ve never really been a fan of curry, but then again I’ve only tried it a few times, so maybe it wasn’t good curry I do like spicy things, though!

  • I really like the new layout and I gotta say, you did a pretty awesome job!

  • Ninja Hunter

    it’s good news to me.

  • shadebeast

    it could just be my own computer screen but i think the smaller text blurs out alot and stresses me eyes. but all in all you were doin good before, i honestly think no change is necessary

  • Blackwolf359

    ROFLMAO!!! That last panel is great!

  • FireFrenzy

    yeah imo the older font is easier to read but it’s close enough that i’m cool with whatever…

  • Ravin

    Motion to vote.

    Most Text in his web comic yet per page.

    • Hammerworm

      Perhaps, but it doesn’t count since this page had a very low number of people who read anything other than “hug me”

  • Ninja Hunter


  • dude wen does the next part come out? i love this comic.

  • Paris

    So proud of you man
    should get in touch, take care man.

  • lolfurries

    Boobs indeed. *wink*

  • Kitz

    i prefer the other speech bubbles. these one’s are making me feel trippy

  • Blaze984

    Adamantium bra more like skeleton to support those breasts

    • traintrack6

      skeleton would have no effect on breast support- her skin itself would have to be super tough, and she’d probably need muscles specifically aligned to keep them up.
      A bra, however, provides a more practical solution.

  • RandomAnon

    Speech bubbles are okay, the text is a lot smaller though. Maybe make it bigger by a size or two and see how it goes. Otherwise it’s fine.

  • Ninja Hunter

    Well Ok Thean This Is How It is.. !

  • nothingatall

    “Boobs! I mean R-Right!” LMFAO

  • nothingatall

    “Boobs! I mean R-Right!” LMFAO

  • goodtigerclaw

    exactly what i would have said if i were in tat situation XD