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  • Ravin

    Pwned Skye, So very hard.

  • lolfurries


  • Too Late Skye. Too Late

  • MasterYiron

    How in the world does Skye’s tail come out of the towel?

  • SA

    Holy shit, is Skye ever sexy. <3<3<3<3
    OMG, you did an awesome job.

    This one was very cute, also. xD

    • One Bad Mouse


  • pekoponian

    oh yeah…i forgot she was Bi…. XD

  • 13yaroza

    theres two picahues now? o.o

    • MasterYiron

      Skye is definetly a tiger

      • MasterYiron

        And Jolty is a Jolteon (evolution of Evee)

        • 13yaroza

          Thanks for clearing that up 😛

  • One Bad Mouse

    FINALLY! But whys there a towel there??? :[

  • dusty

    I just got the bit about being named jolty, i see what you did there~
    >: no fair, i want a turn


    Why do I get the feeling these two got it on before.

  • lol awesome, now just gotta get the rest of the eevee girls in, i am sure Skye would love to see Lavy, Ivory and them ^_^.

    Great page

  • Khali

    Hey, c’mon now.. there’s enough rack for everyone!!! Bah, who am I kidding.. MINE!!!


  • BlackWind

    woo woo very big handful that Reiko is grabbing there *ish jealous* well skye too slow man X3

  • Darth Woodchip

    I am surprised skye was beat, I would have suspected him to not even ask……..I know I wouldn’t have (inset evil smile, followed by laugh)

    • Tendo

      Yeah, but don’t forget that Reiko is a ninja 😛

  • Blaze984

    girl hug so cute

  • Blaze984

    I need them rubbed if you wanna
    sure i can do that

  • Axxy

    “Who’s the rack with eyes?” is so far the best line I’ve ever heard to describe big boobs.

  • pyrodude

    Lulz reiko is too fast

  • Clonious


  • Wodahs50

    omg D: that is just….epic D: if only i was 6seconds faster…*would have pounced on that offer like a panther stalking its pray lol*

  • Guest

    Ah I see what you guys did there… I’m seeing it in the future while thinking up something that some fans put you in a arm lock and demand some fanservice thus you did 3 in one page. That’s a new record!!! XP

    • One Bad Mouse

      Hay ive been reading this since day 1. i deserve a little service! :3

    • SA

      Why should the boys get all the fanservice? It’s clear that MG’s comic is full of it, so why not do /complete/ fanservice, for both genders? It’s not like he’s not capable of such a thing.
      Besides, his males are cute. <3

      • Guest

        As I said “fans” I mean both boys and girls… Girls get the hot Sky out of shower scene and maybe some little boobage rubbin and the guys will get the opposite of it… Did I make it simple enough? >_>

  • Manwhat

    I feel like we are missing the hilarious expression on Christies face.

    • Blackwolf359

      I would have to agree.

  • bladra

    man shes asking people to touch them!!! im liking that jolty even more now

  • Neitha Diniem

    Ok, Wheres the end of the line to “rub” her. I demand to know!

    Hehehe. Fanservice this comic does deliver.

  • This temptation is killing me! What can I do to fight it?!

  • Tendo

    So so jealous…

    I wonder if Reiko and Jolty actually planed that little tease in front of Skye or it just happened.

  • B-Chan

    Boob squishee, skye in a towel and fondling? XD This was a GREAT deal of fan service! <3 <3 x3

  • Ninja Hunter

    Well B-Chan you say your thing I well my thing that is Jublees XD.

  • werefox

    (‘0.0’) holy crap!!! *faints*

  • Well, I think I’m the only guy here who wouldn’t have dog piled on her at that moment XD
    but comedy aside, I have to praise your artwork!

  • shadebeast

    hell yes.

  • bladra

    man seeing 1 hot girl rubbing another hot girls chest is awsome!! but i wonder if they turned it up a notch between them *gets a nosebleed from though of jolty and reiko getting to to something more juicey* Gah!?!? *stops the nosebleed* dam guess i went abit to far of that thought

  • Ayasato

    I wanna to c more show me more love the story … What happen next?!

  • Blatant



    • Ravin


    • Sabourok

      is there any better kind? lol

      • AintTellin


  • Ninja Hunter


  • nightshade1989

    I got next

    • knux

      AHA! you didn’t say dibs. universal rule of dibs say DIBS! I’m next XD

      • nightshade1989

        Don’t make me call Chuck Norris. We’re old buds.

        • knux

          Chuck Norris doesn’t make friends. He makes widows

          • nightshade1989

            Yeah who do you think knuckels free of blood ; )

  • Ninja Hunter

    really now hmmm.

  • 13yaroza

    I just though of something… Is every one of these comics fan service? O.o

  • marioheatfox

    this dorm is full of pervs. I LOVE IT