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Rascals Pg 92: i’m sorry what?

Rascals Pg 92: i’m sorry what? published on 80 Comments on Rascals Pg 92: i’m sorry what?
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  • Ravin

    Im sorry wut….

    Slow Quick is Slow

    • gehenna

      Dude, if i saw a girl like raven in that state of, ehhmm, dress opening the door.. i would not be able to do much thinking either.

      • Mesuta

        I couldn’t guarantee that I would, but it mainly depends on my state of mind at the moment in question.

    • Blaze984

      Poor quick hes speechless but then again ide be too.

  • geo3o5

    looks like quick’s mind went blank for a second

  • onyxlynx

    They’d make a nice couple =3

  • dusty


  • pekoponian girl

    NO!!! ITS A TRAP!

    • gehenna

      A trap!!?? I’m going in!!!

      • BlackWind

        oh no……. this is going to be bad really really bad Quick has lost his track of thought and Raven appears eager to have him over, things are really going to go very badly if someone takes a photo of them 2 inside her house and of that ‘ hug’ she just did

        • Mcloud522

          is….is that a horde symbol on her thigh? NOOOOO!

          • Anzer

            Yesssss! Hahahah!

        • I get the feeling that the next page is going to be in the morning with him going “what the hell happened last night, and then Raven is going to walk into the room in a thong and nothing else… or roll over and hug him in bed with the though bubble over Quick going “F*%$”

    • knux

      a mouse trap, perhaps? XD

  • Dudeguy

    Do it, quick, do it…. FOR THE HORDE!!!!

  • LittleFear

    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrawr Rrrrrrrrrrrrraven

  • shadebeast

    ok now this is step one from my foreshadow on the last page. so far so good im on the ball ^_^

  • XDPyrodude

    must be too hard to choose

  • KKKGayChapter

    Think Eric Forman Quick, and not Charles Harper.

  • ragnarok

    hey, is that a symbol of the Horde on her thigh…?

    • yes it is good eye ^__^

      • Tearahk

        NOOO! Why’d it have to be the Horde?! Why not the Alliance instead?!?! X3

        • Kon

          because alliance are pussies.

          • Tearahk

            I am offended sir! XP I like the Alliance. On my sever, the horde are jerks! X3

  • Mesuta

    Hm… What kind of clothes exactly does she wear at that moment?

  • Douglas

    A cat and a mouse…..
    I predict this will either and greatly or terribly

    • kristoff

      i agree and share in your worry >_<;

  • JPitt

    Easier said than done indeed.

  • Guest

    They only question remains is WHAT kind of THING does Raven has in store for Quick??? Also would our little kitty cat Chrissy intrude on these two in a akward situation or a missunderstanding explaination!!! Stay tune to find out more on Rascals!!! xD

  • randomguy

    Seriously though, although Raven is kinda hot, he shouldn’t have to think about it, (I wouldn’t anyways) he needs to just say goodbye Raven, and hello Chrissy XP

  • questionmark

    Quick, get your pimp hat out. With how things are going, you might as well keep it on.

  • Clonious

    Personally, i’d take the cat, rather than the mouse. I like my ears nice and pointy. ^_^ …What? I’d rather have a fluffy tail than a scabbed-looking mouse tail.

    • chaosstarter

      i know she only came in like 20 or so pages ago and its too soon and all but id rather chose jaz than and her sister over all

  • Smallfoot

    Lok’tar ogar, Quick! XD If the insignia on her shorts is any indication, Raven might be an MMORPG girl. (they exist!) That makes me wonder exactly what she might need him for tonight.

  • For some reason I got a bad fealling about this.

  • Brad

    This says karma written all over it……

    • 2Dents

      This happened to me once… Turned out the girl I liked wasen’t really ready to give up a good friendship at the time so I stayed with the girl my friend hooked me up with for about a year until she moved, Then i got with the girl I liked. It was really wild when the confusion was going on

    • Blaze984

      She might just be going to ask him to study for a school subject or help with an assignment after all Quick is an A+ student isn’t he.

      • DWKnight

        or maybe she just needs 1 more dps for the instance

        • Smallfoot

          “God, Raven, we’ve been at this for hours!” “I know, Quick, you’re really good at this.” “Your instruction really helped. I’ve done this once or twice, but never this long at once. *pause* How long is this instance again?” “We should be done in an hour. Where’s your stamina?”

  • WebcomicSurfer

    XD I can’t tell if she’ strying to seduce him or is just that clueless.

  • Dragonrazor

    The correct answer is “Yes. Yes I can. As long as you need me to.” Then a few moments later… “I needed to talk to you about something anyways”

    • BlackWind

      The answer is No NO as the Main reason he is there is to clear up that they are just FRIENDS not Lovers nor boyfriend/girlfriend its Chrissy he wants to be with, if he stays over its bound to lead to other things (like her wanting sex) and that would aggravite the situation

      • 2Dents

        Wow, you got complicated relationships worked out don’t you?

        • BlackWind

          Yo 2Dents if you’ve been reading the story so far you should know that Quick has the obvious crush for Chrissy, and the only reason Raven is in the picture is because of Skye “hooking” him up with her in a “blind” date to a concert,
          Quick even turned her down for a 3 hour house “hang out” before the beach trip so since he wants to get to be Chrissy’s BF he has to decline Raven’s invite cause 2 timing is not in his best interests and that’s my thoughts on the current events X3

      • movingtarget

        they could be friends with privileges? 😀

      • Dragonrazor

        The problem with that is that very few men are capable of doing that. The moment such a tight, sexy little hottie is pressed up against most men, their brain power goes from being over 9000 to being absolute zero. All that power goes to their other head 😀 Granted, not all men are like that. I’m not, for instance. But I’ve got a strange enough sense of humour that I’d go along with it for comedy’s sake.

  • Malapterus

    Did… did Quick ride that computer chair to Raven’s house? D:

    • I don’t think so… but that would be so freakin hilarious if he did! XD

  • Kyo

    Sexy and a Gamer girl? Mine! ^_^ Quick, you no touchie. -_-

  • Filipino Ninja

    Oh boy,out of the frying pan and into the fire…

  • from past comics, most likely to be a game she needs help with

  • 13yaroza


  • FilipinoNinja

    Out of the frying pan, into the oven…

  • James

    Here they go….

  • Erk309

    Quick isn’t too quick XD lol

  • Sandro

    Is she wearing spandex shorts…

  • Enigma

    Yep and there goes any hope of Quick getting any thing done oi. Saddly lets face it as its all ready been said in this situation the main brain shuts down in 90% of men as for the other 10% well they most likely wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place lol.

  • Darth Woodchip

    I predict that quick is going to become quite a player….then they will both find out and quick will be finished…..of course that is nothing like quick, but I sense a large broken hearth on the horizon.

  • The Cavalry

    Is….. that the Horde insignia on her left hip?….. This page page just got a little more epic! xD

  • SA

    Huh… No offense to you, MG, but.. Why not shoot for originality /and/ fanservice? ^^;

    Raven is REALLY cute though! 😀 She and Chrissy also seem to have similar personalities.
    Honestly, if Chrissy had Raven’s interests, Quick would have to be insane not to keep her. XD

    • Ravin

      What are you talking about? Chrissy has the same interests as Raven does, if not more.

      Some of the first comics had Chrissy playing games with Quick and he was too dumbfounded to do anything.

      Raven and Quick were setup by a blind date because of mixed signals from Quick and Chrissy because they couldn’t admit their feelings.

      To elaborate what I think is gonna happen.

      Hell path no fury like a woman scorned

      • SA

        Damn…! I forgot all about that!! (Thanks for the reminder! XD) Wish her interests would be shown more, then. D:
        So, it doesn’t really matter who he goes with, does it? They’re the same /person/… Only differance is Chrissy is ‘hotter’. (Or… Was? 8D;; )

        Either you have a killer memory or you’ve just re-read this comic. XD

        • Ravin

          Ive been reading his comic from like page 5. We discuss it together a lot. So I help him bounce ideas. I like Raven and think shes a wonderful girl, but someones heart is gonna get broken.

          • Blaze984

            If Raven’s heart does get broken i hope Master Godia creates a boyfriend for her. Even if this is just a comic (a really good one) i just cant stand to see people or mice sad.

  • Mark

    I can’t help but think that clothes that tight deserve some camel toe… and that the sudden change in temperature from inside to out would make her nipples stand.

    • ragpikki

      given the circumstaces, woulndt it be mouse toe?

  • MrTT

    the obvious solution is polygamy 🙂

  • werefox

    Ok first of all… FOR THE GLORY OF THE HORDE!!!! Second, Quick is a idiot, even though that Kitty is all up on his quickitude now, doesn’t mean shit tomorrow, Ravens liked him from their first date and even tried to show it, but quickc a bit thick, screw Chrissy and go get busy dude.

    • BlackWind

      Yo Werefox Quick is not a super popular Ladies man like Skye is so since he has the crush on Chrissy that’s the reason why he’s all flustered with Raven being all friendly n pressed up against him.
      Sure Raven is a cutie but his main squeeze is Chrissy if he didn’t care for her he wouldn’t have stuck up for her at the beach when that other guy tried to put the moves on her, sure Raven’s a hottie and seems to like him but I don’t think he’s going to mess around 2 timing by going after both cause that would end in a nasty disaster where he’d end up with neither and that just won’t do at all (that’s my 2¢s worth on this)

      • MasterYiron

        Ironic that people give their 2 cents worth,
        but you only get a penny for your thoughts

        • BlackWind

          to true Ironic isn’t it n_n;;;

        • Sloth

          …I’m sorry, but… did I miss something? they went on ONE date o.o how are they a couple?

  • BlackWind

    A Little Pearl of wisdom to all of you fans is this
    Art Imitates Life and Life Imitates Art that is part of the Nature of being Human so with that said and if you have your doubts about what im saying go and reflect upon your life up til now and think with your heart, are you doing the right thing are you happy with what you got or who you have in your life as your loved one or as your friends?. No B/S about it this my friends is the truth to me

  • Tobieth

    Hm, I think it would be more honest and fruitful for Quick to be with Raven. Despite cuteness factor from both Chrissy and Raven, it’s never good to go out with a roomate.

    If things get hairy, the living space is compromised. It would probably be much better to “scorn” Chrissy for now and have her get over it, rather than live with a broken relationship in the house. In a sense, “nip the rose at the bud” so pain is not prolonged.

    ‘Sides, both Raven and Quick are gingers, and would therefore make a ginger couple of power. Not many of those around. xD That and Raven already wants Quick’s balls. O_O; Chrissy hasn’t even made up her mind.