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  • Blaze984

    Love her pose cute yet clasic

  • Sabourok

    Works for me, she’s sexy in her own subtle way. ^^

  • Blaze984

    I really like her darker glasses, lighter fur and thicker lashes makes her look even sexier than usual.

  • Blaze984

    Hope u like your new home

  • MasterYiron

    The wait is soooo unbearable

  • Fearow

    Were you really reading Remnant Sonata, or the book a lie?

  • BlackWind

    well hope your new home will give you new fresh Ideas for the story (and hopefully have Quick get an easier time with the girls)

  • Ravin

    Hope the move goes well~!!!

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Someone got a new hairdo and new glasses, didn’t they?

  • Kid_K

    Mmmmmm Mousie. Hope the move goes well and everything arrives safe and unbroken.

  • dusty

    oh gawd XD the book said remnant sonata!

  • Is that really a Remnant Sonata book?

  • Manwhat

    Quick can have Chrissie I say.

  • shadebeast

    foreshadow: quick is gonna say something to raven but sees her new look then starts swooning for her. but its chrissie he really wants. then he and raven might do SOMETHING and he’ll be supremely confused. then something will lead to something else and some sort of conflict will erupt betwix chrissie and raven. AND IT WILL ALL BE A MAGNIFICENT SEXY HOT MESS :J

    • Tearahk

      I like that foreshadowing right there 😛

  • Kuro

    o3o I wanna know what that book’s about

    • Blaze984

      Just click the Remnant Sonata button on the top left of this page

  • James

    Must be a Good Book…

    • The Cavalry

      @James It suuure is! It’s Remnant Sonata! <3

  • The Cavalry

    Wow! It seems as though everyone is moving lately! Including me!! Hope it goes well Godai!

  • Kyo

    Quick should stick with Chrissie >_> I’ll stay and comfort Raven ^_^

  • Oh Raven, how I love you. x3

  • Dragonrazor

    I’d like to be distracted by her almost as much as I would a certain pair of bunnies or a sexy kitty o.o

  • James

    What Book is she reading?

  • geo3o5

    her new look is amazing

  • ArchAngelPraxus


  • James

    well ok thean

  • Some Guy

    Oh, god. I just read “side-tracked” as “side-racked”. And what’s more, it totally fits too.

  • Overmind 666

    what’s she reading?

  • This ponstig knocked my socks off

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    A perfect example of “Chekhov’s Zapper” 7@=Q