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Rascals Pg 91: what are We doing?

Rascals Pg 91: what are We doing? published on 61 Comments on Rascals Pg 91: what are We doing?
Hey readers, thanks for enjoying the comic so far! So many comments on that last page, you guys are crazy! (But I know you’ve all been waiting for that moment!) Who’s Quick’s IM buddy, you ask? it’s this months cameo spot, Ravin. Please don’t forget to vote for Rascals and the other comics here at Petite Symphony at the vote-links and help get the word out – and if you’re feeling really nice, there’s now a paypal tip jar so you can donate and help out.
  • trace

    XD thats grate lol quick you need to hurry up and just tell her that you love her

  • Ravin

    Very nice >:3

  • narahata

    is that pikachu

    • gehenna

      Hey yes.. i didn’t notice before but it seems to be a pikachu, and with a more extensive vocabulary. wonder if he gets zapped when she reaches the big O.

      • knux

        Most likely. get a Pikachu overexcited and you get zapped XD

      • Ravin

        Thats the best part when you get a nice jolt from all the extra. Its like licking a 9 V battery

        • Tearahk

          Bow chicka bow wow!

      • Mr. Al

        perhaps what he wants, electrical discharges must cause some extreme jizz, i guess :3

  • JPitt


  • DSman6

    Should’ve known the moment wasn’t gonna last forever. *sad face*

  • gehenna

    Well, seems the kitty gal prefers to believe in her fantasies that reality (as many girls tend to do, sadly) i say he should forget about her and go after Raven.

  • Kokani

    Well at least it wasn’t a dream

    • JustAfan

      Just what I was going to say.

      • Tearahk

        Ditto :3

      • Terrific20Something

        Me too.

  • Blaze984

    Well like at the beginning of the comic with Crissy and Quick now Quicks in the position where he figures out Raven has feelings for him.

  • JustAfan

    Well…the ball’s in Quick’s court now. I was afraid of that.

  • Lolwut

    Please tell me the yellow gal isn’t a sick humorous twist and turns out to be Skye @-@

    • Yes.

      • karst45

        Well, it looked more like some “Adult” version of a pikachu… look at the tail

  • BlackWind

    oh no just when you finally get to have her for the moment, all of a sudden she brings up the other girl in the picture >_<;;; now Quick is forced to go see Raven and let her know what the deal is
    and the thing is she wanted to hang out more with Quick but he turned her down. damn some blind date that was

  • I can see this all going a few ways… including sideways. Poor Quick… be careful how you talk to Raven when you ask her… she may think you’re asking her out instead of double checking to make sure you aren’t.

  • DiverFox

    woot not a dream … ok now i rely am happy for him. but now who wants to bet thats his brother. ID

    • Ravin

      Brother? No. Im a Wolf.

      Just good friends.

      • BlackWind

        Well Ravin that’s some nice company you’re keeping there will you go out n meet Quick somewhere to talk some more with maybe your lady friend along? n_n
        Or are you not in the same town?

        • Ravin


          She would be coming :3 but if you wanna watch the apartment, by all means.

        • Ravin

          COMPLETELY misread that.

          I have no idea what mastergodai plans to do. We tossed some ideas. But Im not telling :3

      • DiverFox

        well i guess thats yet another bet that i have lost. ¬¬

  • questionmark

    *Takes closer look at girl from last panel* Is that a Pikachu?

  • James

    well someting going on

  • WebcomicSurfer

    So it wasn’t one of his daydreams.

  • KKKGayChapter

    Wait isn’t that Gavin?

  • Daimyo Shi

    Bah! Spoil it why don’t you!

  • Guest

    Great now Quick has to deal with a love triangle thing of who he wants to be his girlfriend… -_-” Also seeing the Pikachu is a nice Pokemon reference as well… But more on the story of Quick choosing a Mouse or a Cat??? This is going to be a difficult part, unless Quick brings in both chicks for a threesome(non-sex wise) talk that just giving a hunch of tissues and chocolate icecream in the mix for any tear gushing… -_-” So a little advice for Quick: CHOOSE WISELY MY FRIEND, CHOOSE WISELY…

  • Fearow


  • Kid_K

    I’m More than happy to comfort Raven!

  • Vash

    Pain and suffering hall be his fate.

  • shadebeast

    oh the drama! all i want to kno is when is this coming back to two pages a week? i swear youre just doing one a week to increase anticipation. its a very admirable attempt i respect that but i think you can stop |:L

    • Clonious


    • One Bad Mouse

      lol ya who needs a life anyway?

  • poor, poor Quick… I feel for you my friend.

  • Wolfe

    Pffft…HA! Best ending line ever. XD

  • The Freeman

    Where is our big ol’ lovable yellow buddy, Skye?

    • I think he’s still looking at those drunk pictures of Jaz and Reiko.

  • Anzer

    Amagad, frame two, her face is so cute. Awesome comic, thanks for letting us enjoy it!

  • B-Chan

    Haha, reading Ravin’s comments were hilarious! Especially the 9-v battery one. I wish that Chrissy and Quick moment would have lasted longer, and now I can’t wait for next Friday.

    • Ravin

      I aim to please.

  • James

    hmm ok

  • 13yaroza

    Pickachu? You had to didn’t you? Pickachu of all the things…….that would make it perfect 😀

  • James

    well it’s Pickachu from pokemon it’s might be charter he made useing the Pickachu race
    to get a idea for the story.

    • Ravin

      No. This is a cameo. Most of the time, Cameos won’t show up in the story because they are paid spots.

      However, he possibly did it to interject that amazing line at the end. But it was someone of my choosing when I ordered a couples art sometime ago. Which, you will see later down the road if you are active on his DA.

  • Rober2

    Cool! Looks like Skye isn’t the only one of Quick’s friends!

  • Ravin

    On another note, Does anyone else love how exposed Chrissy’s neck is? >:3 NOM NOM

  • James

    Yeah I Guess So.

  • Hyper

    lmao ravin ur funny and i nnow how quick feels trust me XD

  • Tendo

    I am absolutely SHOCKED that they decided to PICK A fantasy creature from a Nintendo game to depict as an anthropomorph in this comic.

  • i vote relative for same color hair

  • Blake

    I like the story so far keep up the good work 🙂

  • James

    Yeah me too

  • Lokk

    Just gonna say it but…

    Cock Blocked SUCKA!

  • k24601

    What’s so shocking about a pokemorph being in a furry web comic? Pokemorphs, liontaurs, ect. are furries too…Just because a creature is “made up” or “mythical” does not mean it shouldn’t be in a furry web comic. “furries” are actually fantasy too…..