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  • They Kissed ^-^

    • Overmind 666

      It’s about f***kin time

      • Mr. Al

        One can jsut see yourself standing in the shadows besides, wiping a tear as some proud old master ^.^ which is weird depicting this guy as only max a year older than me, but overuse of sw and lotr has posioned my brain to so much that i see myself as an old ben kneobi/gandalf figure. details x3

  • 1NICK2


  • knux

    Took him 90 pages to finally do this(85 if you want to get technical XD)

  • HunkRlz

    wOOt!!! GO QUICK!!!

  • Z

    Well, it’s about darn time, Quick. I love Chrissy’s expression in the second panel

  • Kriegsmann55

    Oh thank god, Quick you handsome devil you finally got the girl!

  • rayou

    bow chika honk honk

  • O_O Plz no Dream! LET IT BE REAL!!! Pfff HAHAHA!!!!

  • Erzascarlet


  • Erzascarlet

    if this is a dream so help me……

  • i felt like quick in the second pannel when I saw the last one. XD

  • GO QUICK!!!! wOOt!!!! XD

  • foxcom

    hhhhooooooo yyyeeeeeaaaahhhhh go quick

  • Rane

    somthing amazing. I woke up… never wanted to b wrong more than i do now lol

  • XDPyrodude

    OMG YESSSS!!!!!!!

  • Regvarde

    PleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplzplzplzplzplzplzplzPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAAAZZZ DO NOT FADE TO BLACK!!!!!

  • Guest

    I’m thinking dream into nightmare for Quick, but either way IT’S BOUT DAMN TIME THAT HE KISSED HER!!!!

  • Wodahs50

    like most people are saying, ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!

  • KKKGayChapter

    “I love it when you call me Quick Poppa”

  • bladra

    i saw that coming but man it came 20 pages earlier then i would of expected

  • RyanACE

    Finally! And this better not be a dream, Or I will find you Godai…

  • The Cavalry

    One word… Finally!

  • questionmark

    0.0 … WOW…

  • trace

    XD LOL she found out about the alps HAHAHA

  • JustAfan

    FINALLY!! It’s about time!

  • BlackWind

    W000000T Ohhhh Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!! Superb it was about time, I guess all the experiences during the beach and helping out Reiko n Jaz “Manned” up Quick to be confident enough to pull out that Move and for Chrissy to realize that Quick really likes her and to accept his Kiss. Awesome way to end this storyline Godaikun can’t wait to see where this leads ^_^

  • dusty

    summer lovin~

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Whoa! This had so better be real! That little squirrel has waited long enough for some loving, right?

  • B-Chan

    YES!!!! <3 Please don't let it be a dream!

    • Rober2

      That…er…came out of nowhere… well, at least skye’s got balls…

      • knux

        You mean Quick, right?

        • Dude

          Wakka Chikka Wowwow.

          (I’m so Juvinile.)

    • HELL YEAH!!!

      • Flame-LoneWolf


  • LucifersAngelFeather

    that… umm… was surprising to say the least O///O

  • nightshade1989

    It’s about fraking time.
    YOU GO QUICK!!!!!!!!!!

    • LapFox

      WOOOTT!! Nice one Quick! About time you pounced.

      • Wait… this seems too easy… this better not be a dream.

        • Kai


          • Duke

            ha ha ha ha ha so it begins

        • Brad

          THAT WAS TOO EASY!!!

          • AintTellin


  • Kitten


    • DiverFox

      ok i have to say it…yes this is awesome, he finally did it. but am i the only one thinking this was to fast or simple? …i think this is a dream or some bran damage from the beating he got ¬¬

      • Kid_K

        If it’s a dream, then Quick is thinking…I don’t want to wake up.

        • karst45

          I agree too easy, even though they we all knew they would end up together.

          Next scene will be: Skye giving CPR to knocked down Quick.

          +5 for the come back of “ride the swiss alp” 😛

  • Finaly-clap-

  • plauschi

    i’ve to remember on jewel akins…birds and the bees xD

  • KittyRAWR

    Holy shiznett!
    FInally quick, damned we were waiting for that to happen long ass time ago -_-
    well it seems sorta out of the blue but its cute :3

    • Kale


      • Verd

        Thank god! Finally!~

  • shadebeast

    i call dream shenanigans

    • zero

      i say that it whas to easy your quick
      And wher are quick oder frand.

      • pet_panda

        “at that moment something happened…”

        “..something amazing…”

        ” ..I..”

        “JIZZ’D…IN…my pants.”

        • bakaneko


          • OssuaryPariah


          • Tearahk

            Bow chicka bow wow!

        • ArchAngelPraxus

          You, sir, are my new hero…

  • dalonewolf25

    Yep, definitely a dream. E|:(

  • toxiclepopsicle

    u ain’t the only one, diverfox. i’m thinkin whether this is either real or a ‘hot dog’ dream…

    • toxiclepopsicle

      and also, i had no idea that she was awake at the time when quick wanted to… u know 😉

  • Aktherion

    narration = dream
    i’d feel really bad if i was right

    • darkfoxprojectx

      damn it toke long enough :3

  • Turtleleaf

    Is that a banana?!

  • Hooloovoo

    This better not be a dream or I’m going to be so pissed!

    • Dragaen

      this seems to good too be true… got $5 saying it’s his imagination at work

  • James

    Ok o_o

  • Clonious

    TO THE AUTHOR: If this turns out to be a dream I will respectfully come to your house and beat you over the head with your computer And/or kill your pet if you aren’t there. If it isn’t, then FINALLY! BOUT FREAKIN TIME. I haven’t been this excited since seeing Chrissy’s boobs in the shower near the beginning of this comic. lulz…. But yeah seriously. Horay.

    • lilspirit16

      author’s possible response:
      …well good luck with that! For that, just might make it a dream instead!….or not. >_>

  • Stupid

    I just noticed that Quick’s hand on the glass above Chrissy’s head (In the last panel) looks like a banana. CAN’T UNSEE THE BANANA HAT.

    • 13yaroza


  • lilspirit16

    after what most of the readers have been saying…the author would probably NOT make this a dream!….or he/she would be soooooo dead! 0~0…or maybe he/she would. >_>……or change the whole storyline if that’s the case from the beginning and seeing lots of soon to be / not soon to be pissed readers!…nah! xD

    • DiverFox

      you have a good point, but if it was me …i would still do it just to mess with them all ^^
      but i am not so we will see what will happen soon.

  • Kon

    Normally i would be groaning about Quick’s imagination getting away from him again, except every previous time I’ve seen those yellow boxes doing something other than mark a scene transition or a timeskip, it’s been Chrissy doing an inner monologue… in which case, the answer MUST be that Chrissy is still standing in the hall outside Quick’s room and this is HER imagination running wild.

    cause we all know that quick could never make it through two pages of them together. without saying something stupid.

    • Tor The Dum

      politicalitacally, he said something major stupid (as was mentioned when), Chrissy pointed it out, and who knows, perhaps physical injury improves his ‘smooth skillz’. besides, he grew a pair like six pages back, didn’t you get the memo?

  • Vash

    It finally happened yay!

  • it’s about time right

  • Grunty the murky marine

    Im really hoping for quick to go with chrissy. I really dont like ravin
    ((raven?)) i dont like it when one of the main chars go with a char that appeared a quarter way into the story also ravin does not have many slides that focus on her

  • was waiting for this 😉

  • gorudo

    quick and chrissy sittin' in a tree,k-i-s-s-i-n-g ;
    go quick!
    U da boss!

  • Leafbarrett

    And somewhere in heaven, an angel got its wings.

  • Leafbarrett

    And somewhere in heaven, an angel got its wings.

  • Max West

    Finally! They kiss at last!

  • Deathbeam9000

    finally Nya =^.^=

  • Shadowkey392