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  • michael smith

    police academy joke nice

    • HunkRlz

      Which Police Academy movie was it that showed that funny bar scene the third or fourth?

      • the first and fourth if i remember correctly

      • Dragaen

        nah, that Blue Oyster joke shows up in every Police Academy, trust me; but it’s refreshing seeing someone bring up some classic comedy

    • Loved the Police Academy joke!! XD

    • knux

      NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Her beautful long hair!!! Where did it gooooooooo?!?! DX

    • Mr. Al

      Hm, i don't remember, is that the gay-police bar?

      • Aralaas

        Oh will the Blue Oyster ever get old?

        Of course not!

        • Aralaas

          Oh will the Blue Oyster ever get old?

          Of course not!

  • dusty


    classic deception

    • rayou

      i just realised all your female characters have large breasts

    • Blaze984

      Did Quick or Rei say “it looks Turbo cute on you” by her reaction id say it was Quick but just checking

      oh and it does look turbo cute

      • Blaze984

        Its been a while since we’ve seen that cute blushing, shy, secretly exited face of Chrissy.
        I missed it

  • SA

    Huh… Chrissy looks a lot smaller. O_o
    I mean, even Jaz kinda looks bigger… (And I don’t mean just boob size! XP) But the hair does look nice on her; I’ll give you that. XD
    But… How the heck can the tips be white when the hair up there was black? O_o Unless.. Magic? *A*

    Speaking of boob size; why don’t you make a bust chart? 😉

  • This is too funny. Then again it IS a Police Academy joke

  • JustAfan

    Gotta love police academy. I’ll have to get use to Chrissy’s hair, though. I liked it better long.

  • Chrissy Looks Hot With New Hair Do.

  • Zix

    that new haircut of Chrissy’s is cute, she looks ever cuter now then she did with long hair!

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Did she trick him into going to a gay bar with guys who don’t take no for an answer?

  • Clonious

    “Turbo cute” f*ck yeah.

  • JP

    police academy many good times 😀

  • BlackWind

    Aww Chrissy looks pleasingly cute after being told she looks “turbo cute” with her new haircut (which looks divine IMO) btw who’s Reginald? The human or the green haired Goofball?

    • [Hill]Omega

      reginald is the human guy. IE) the guy with the photo

    • Billy Boy

      The human I think, because Crissy probably wouldn’t let them send her teacher to the Blue Oyster Bar.

    • LittleMissFreakShow

      the human 😀

    • Blaze984

      The human

  • MechaPlatypus

    Me like new haircut, in the words of Borat, “It’s nice!”

  • BlackWind

    Hey is it my imagination or is Quick using 70s/80s Robin quotes from Batman Tv show Holy clichee’s Godai!!! :-p

  • Billy Boy


  • James

    I don’t think i have seen that restaurant before?

  • Daimyo Shi

    He will being tossing salads it would seem!!!

  • Suarez

    man I really liked Chrissy’s old haircut =/

  • Tearahk

    Love the hair, makes her look smexy! Smart and sexy! XP

  • Honestly the 1st time I heard that quote was in Scary Movie(1), but still:


  • azureion
  • Dragonrazor

    <> Mental note…incapacitate Skye and Quick, and make off with their cuties….

  • Rober2

    …I wonder what kind of suffering he’s going through.. ahhh. the human imagination 😀

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Hey, anyone else notice that Chrissy has a lot of cleavage showing and is wearing a belly shirt, and yet old Quickster isn’t flipping out or having a hormonal attack? XD Anyone?

  • NinjaWolf

    ahh police academy and the blue oyster joke good memories of laughing my arse off every time someone got tricked into going there.

  • I’m NOT new to this comic, but I just noticed the extremities in boob sizes of all the female characters >.<

  • Oh man, ‘Reggie’ must be SO mad right about now!

  • Does anyone think that Reginald might be a little ticked off?

  • James

    hmm I dont know

  • Gear2447

    Holy crap!! I cant believe there are people who even remember this joke!

  • James

    Might Be Little Mad Yes.

  • taltamir

    so… can someone explain the punchline? whats the “blue oyster”?

    • supervizor

      a gaybar from the movie police academy.

  • James

    Do You Think that is a GayBar? Might Be.

  • Police Academy gaybar ftw!

  • Tor The Dum

    the ninjas lured you to a gay bar~

    now if only there was an actual song to go with that… lol

  • is it me or the bewbs are getting bigger…maybe i’m just perverted

  • Aralaas

    Oh will the Blue Oyster ever get old?

    Of course not!

  • Xraygun15

    Yep i have all the movies at home