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  • The Cavalry

    The plot thickens!~~~~ Dun dun duuuunnn~

  • Divi

    homg. what are you dooooing~ D:

  • Blaze984

    yay 3rd coment

  • Dusk

    This is getting good.

  • Blaze984

    Im going for stinking rich or famous

  • Terrific20Something

    Quick is packing heat!

  • I like the “Say What?”.. Anyways, look foreword to the next strip. Keep up the good work

    • Shoe

      Quick sure is a quick thinker 😀 *insert Drum noises*

      • Ralph Bakshi In A Speedo

        Someone please get this kid a pimp hat

  • Toren

    When Reiko said “ex squeeze me”, I half-expected Sky to be in the background shouting “Okay!” XDD

  • HansomeDaDude

    I Hope Quick Knows What He’s Doing.

  • OhMyMadness!!!! *and the choir claps for joy* You now have the floor Quickster, now bring Rei and Jaz back home. Be successful and I’ll buy you the pimp hat and the cane!! XP

  • AflacMan13

    Absolute Genious. Same as the Vodka. Just even more so. If he can pull this off just right I have a good feeling somebody is getting kitty and double bunny action tonight.

    • AflacMan13

      Oh and I second the Pimp hat and Cane.

      • JustAfan

        Fiancees?! What…the bloody hell…is Quick…up to?

  • DWKnight

    Reiko seems to understand a bit on what Quick is up to and pretty much just wants to know the details.

    Just like we do.

  • You sure know how to make me want to know what happens next.
    It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

  • BlackWind

    W0000000T!!!!!! Fff….Fiancee’s what the bloody hell is he friggin thinking?
    Sure Reiko catches on quick buuuut his plan can backfire in the sense that Jazmin doesn’t have a clue and Chrissy much less is speechless, not to mention Skye is still there to add to the confusion, Quick will have to do some lots of explaining to do once this is over and it seems it won’t be anytime soon o_o;;; “Pimp” hardly courageous “fool” perhaps trusted Friend definitely

  • Tendo

    This has backfire written all over it…

  • Wrensthav

    polygomy is allowed in this world?

    • Gardevoirian

      It would seem that way, yes.

      • Brad

        I see no good in this. I see no good in this at all.

    • Mark

      Of course it is. It just depends on where you live, such as the FLDS in Canada and Mexico and some cultures in Africa.

  • Dronster

    Let me guess
    He’s an actor

  • Dronster

    Does this mean he’s an actor perhaps?

  • Dragonrazor

    I just expected him to pay the guy to get lost *laughing* This is more amusing.

  • LapFox

    Anyone else thinking that this is gonna back fire on all of them?

  • oooh nice lol Go Quick! You the man

  • Manwhat

    Sure thing Jazmin.

  • MechaPlatypus

    Ex Squeeze Jazmin? Okey-dokey.

    “Get off me!” (Files restraining order)

  • Oh, Quick has some legal counterattacks at his arsenal. Though… it isn’t legal if he’s caught lying. Quick has luck with the ladies, but this is going to be all skill. ;3

  • Tearahk

    Bow chicka bow wow!

  • TheDongle

    Either a stupid or genius decision.

  • Erzascarlet

    ladies and gentlemen i give you Pimp daddy quick

  • SA

    don’t you think it’s time to update the ABOUT section? 😐

    • only if you ask nicely 😉

      • Blaze984

        Wow Mastergodia havent seen u comment in a while
        and your right people should ask nicer
        Keep up the good work

      • SA

        Pfft… Fine.

        Would you please update the ABOUT section of your webcomic? 🙂
        I’d like to know more about your characters– especially since we’re just starting to guess things about them. (Namely, Quick. :o)

  • Jack Bones

    ill squeeze you all what you want

  • I sure hope you know what you’re doing Quick.

  • LetUSF@CK

    A simple brick to the head would’ve Sufficed.

  • Goomba 0_o

    I think knows what he is doing

  • WebcomicSurfer

    I can kinda see something between Quick and Jazmin….provided she doesn’t kill him….but isn’t Reiko a few years older than him?

  • Tor The Dum

    I think I know what you’re trying to do, Quick, but I doubt that it worked, or is going to work, in your favor.

  • Cathy

    haf my catch phrases come from this comic ^~^

  • Cathy

    haf my catch phrases come from this comic ^~^