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  • Raven088

    OMG… Too damn funny!

  • So do I.

    • Goomba 0_o

      yes I think rei’s boobs did get bigger …..

  • Tarkad

    Lol, Skye is hilarious.

  • Fearow

    I think Skye just lost it. Watch out, he might go on a rampage next strip 😡

  • Karst

    Keep the poster 😉 i wanna be the one to help Jaz improve her “technique”

    • Karst

      I just realized that the “bowl” was probably not for throwing up but maybe to hide…. and now he have both hand up in the air… some people might get uncomfortable in the next page 🙂

      • BlackWind

        OK that clinches it Need a view of Photo or Bust!!! X3

  • macias25

    yyyaaaa skya im with you 100% man

  • questionmark

    The human is unimpressed with you Skye. =_=;

  • Darth Woodchip

    Smart man Sky, anyone would want one….me included….hint hint nudge nudge.

  • Guest

    A poster sky? A poster… You WANT a POSTER!!! I’m still waiting for a hologram poster instead… >.>

    • bladra

      cmon think bigger like a HD dvd film of it along with a portable video photo which lets you see them makeout with or without sound!!!

  • Tearahk

    The human is not amused!

    • Da Blitz…be amuzed…

      • SA

        Well, so much for you trying to portray Rei as a ‘caring sister’… 9_9
        And how is that, ‘bunny twister’? =_=;;;

        • Blaze984

          Maybe they where playing twister while she was practicing her technique or they weren’t kissing at all and they were practicing positions.

          • SA

            …If the human dude just made it LOOK like they were making out with the camera angle, I wonder how the fanboys would react…? ;P

  • Everyone, say FTW on the last panel’s ‘suggestion’ becoming an incentive.

    FTW!!!! XD

  • WellAintThatNice

    Where did reiko’s nose go on the first panel?

  • JustAfan

    Figures! I’m not surprised at Skye. I’m just want to see what Quick and Chrissy thinks of all this. I’m also interested to see what this human will do now that ‘his best’ wasn’t good enough.

  • Dragonrazor

    Why do I get the feeling Skye’s going to end up in the hospital.

    • Blaze984

      Because Reiko and Jasmin are going to kick the ever living crap out of him thats why.

  • bladra

    i definitly saw that part comeing coarse thinking of the image of it is something i got a nosebleed for thinking first 15 seconds of it i mean come on 2 sexy ninja rabbit girls making out

  • MechaPlatypus

    Hey Reiko, I could use some training for my “techinque”.

  • lolfurries

    i second that. =D

  • Terrific20Something

    Can I have one too? Please?

  • zero

    i gest what to now what happen to th foto

  • Dusty

    I think my tail would get crocked like his X_X

    • Dusty

      wow, im still bad at spelling…

      • knux

        Did Rei’s boobs get bigger?

        • Sabourok

          First she dies some of her hair black, then she goes a darker shade of pink, now this? What’s next??

          (oh, and I agree, they definately look bigger than in previous pages)

        • bakaneko


  • Sexy Vision FTW !!!

  • Kai


  • Tendo

    I find it funny that Rei is still calling Skye “babe” throughout this, even when referring to his crooking tail.

    Skye went pretty far in that last panel, even Reginald of all people is put off his his obsessively perverted behavior! I am starting to wonder who is worse, Skye or Reginald.

  • rightfielder

    are Rei’s boobs huge here? like, more than normally? i’m freaking out a little

  • Rober2

    Two hot sisters making out due to being drunk is FRIGGIN hot, so I can sympathize with ol Skye… But ,what’s with the bowl?… Unless… damn…

  • sammywhammybar

    Skye looks like he has blue balls. 😛

  • JP

    In 3…2…1 Skye gets pounced bye Jaz and ending up in a hospital bed

  • Kid_K

    It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

  • ace

    that is so so hot

  • Goomba 0_o

    yes Rei’s Boobs did get Bigger 3

  • Goomba 0_o

    so HATSFUN

    • Blacksnow

      im still waiting to see that photo

  • Cocytus

    woooow… that’s one sorry dood…
    i want one too!!

  • BITW

    you go man!

  • BITW

    you go man!

  • Jarvis Campbell

    LMAO!,Skye is the MAN!!! XD

  • Jarvis Campbell

    LMAO!,Skye is the MAN!!! XD