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  • Straft

    Nice… Very Very Nice :p

  • BlackWind

    SAY W000000T!!!! Jaz n Rei made out while being wasted at some party???? (pic or it didn’t happen) X3

    • knux

      the pic’s there, but it just hasn’t been shown. You think you’d know this by now XD

      • DSman6

        Unfortunately, some people haven’t figured it out at all. But I would love to see the pic myself.

        • Overmind 666

          that’s friggen blackmail, someone should call the po-po

    • Leafbarrett

      and then the bazaar item. ;D

      • Leafbarrett

        *points to bazaar item* Yep. 😀

  • sammywhammybar


  • Hey Dude I Know You

    So now that we know what the picture is; do we still get to see it?

    • Leafbarrett

      *points to bazaar item* Yep. 😀

  • onyxlynx


  • JustAfan

    Now I REALLY want to see that picture!

  • Kokani

    I knew it!!

  • Tarkad

    So that was the picture. Hmm, makes sense for something to be embarrassed by, though to make Reiko shake with dread from a few comics earlier, oddly thought something worse. Can’t think of what she’d exactly consider bad, let alone worse but no where in my thought spectrum was it something such as drunken sister-making out session.

  • Rai

    If there’s a pic that can really prove this, the epic level of this story will skyrocket at anytime by now. ;3

    • Seig

      Why is it that every time a human shows up in an anthro comic, it’s always a sexist, greedy bastard? Alternately, the only non-evil human I’ve ever seen in an athro comic was a hot woman… Apparently, nice humans only exist for non-furry fanservice.

  • X-POSED SUCKA!!!!!

  • JPitt

    Ewww, I burn that picture.

    • Sabourok

      Few may call sisters making out disgusting, but a whole lot more will likely call it hawt. (especialy when said sisters are hawt on their own)

      • hiohoih

        the qestion is are they white cause sisters can only f u k if they are white and be hot

        • HowlingStorm

          I FUCKING KNEW IT!

  • Blacky1680


  • Blaze984

    Ha i knew it i said exactly that a few pages back ” they probably got drunk at a party and started making out” awesome and i bet also what i said a few pages back will come true too that we won’t see the photo until the end of this arc as a filler page.

  • ralphbear25

    Now Were Playing With Incest…..And That’s Just WRONG!

    • Sabourok

      oooh, a nostalgia critic reference, right?

      • questionmark

        OMG THEY DID… wait a minute… Since he already yelled it out, doesn’t that mean their secret’s already exposed and they can just beat the living crap out of him?

    • taltamir

      it can’t be incest, there was no sex…

      also, incest is relative.

    • Karst

      Just dont look at Eurotrip movie then 🙂

  • Guest

    Now I’m wondering if they don’t sign that paper, I’m thinking of a WAY more embaraced time now…. YouTube… -_-

  • Oneofmany

    moar like wincest right gaiz? jk, anyways what if they are not really sisters by blood but by their parents marrying?

  • bakaneko

    still need to see the pic…lol

  • Dragonrazor

    Gotta love Skye’s reaction.

    • DreadWingKnight

      Yeah, he wanted to see it in person, or be directly involved somehow.

      At least that’s what is implied.

      • …pfft ppfffffwahahahahaa!!!! ROFLMFAO!! I’m w/ both kitties. I WANTED to be there!!!! Where were we when this happened??!! XD >:D

  • MechaPlatypus

    I KNEW IT!!!! (Only replace “Hot Spring” with “Party”) If I actually see this picture, I may have a heart attack. XD

  • Fearow

    *Coughs* Input flashback comic next >>

  • Daimyo Shi

    I pay money to see that on video

  • SA

    Yuri is fine. But insect? Wow. 😐

    Also, panel two… XP

    • Darkfox

      hey if it happens it happens an besides…they was drunk XD

      • Billy Bob Jimbo

        Yeah but them being drunk just adds something special to it. Plus they’re sisters so that just makes it all the nicer in the long-run. I really, really, really, really hope we all get to see that picture at some point.

    • Esten

      You dont happen to mean “incest”?

    • nightshade1989


  • SA

    Also… Why does Quick have his mouth open? The word bubble doesn’t even point to him. XD

    • If you look closely, the point of the bubble IS pointed directly at Quick’s mouth. It’s just that the bubble was just above his head.

  • ninjew42

    Now…that’s a good question… where WAS I?! 😀

  • Andy

    Incest? more like WINCEST.

  • MechaPlatypus

    Seriously, Reiko & Jazmin…. In a party… Making out….

    Best… Mental…. Picture…. EVER!

  • Random Fan

    I was right it was a druken party pic! Maybe the picture would be the next filler page?

    • dragonkingofice icer

      the human fucks everything up butt it so alsome in the way he does it

    • Blaze984

      i said that 26 comments ago

      • Kai

        I regret to inform you of my dual nasal passage instantaneous ejection of my sanguinary fluids, and indeed my entire vascular system.

        or…..EPIC NOSEBLEEEED!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!2

      • TheDongle

        I wasn’t invited?

        • Cocytus

          >.< Damn, where was I?! How could i miss something like that!!! XD

  • Anon

    They’ve been exposed! They should beat the crap outta him! :3

  • Rober2


  • durndle

    I just noticed that he doesn’t say “that photo I took”, he says “those photos”. As in more than just that one.

  • bladra

    dam the though of a yuri like that *nosebleed* gah!!!! the sexy level of it is over 9000!!!!

  • Rane

    Meh its only 1006… GAH! I had the scanner upside down its sexyness is 9001!

  • Zarel

    ._. picture or it didnt happen!

  • Zarel

    ._. picture or it didnt happen!

    • Leafbarrett

      and then the bazaar item. ;D

  • Zarel

    ._. picture or it didnt happen!

  • Leafbarrett

    and then the bazaar item. ;D

  • Leafbarrett

    *points to bazaar item* Yep. 😀