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  • pet_panda


    • Tearahk

      I know right! C’mon, let us see the pic already!

  • SA

    …That’s just getting old, man. ;A;

  • OssuaryPariah


  • macias25

    nnnnoooo I was hoping that this one was going to show the pik nnnnnoooooo

  • Ether

    I don’t think we’re seeing that picture any time soon.

  • Zix

    oh come on, i’m sick of waiting show the god damn pic already XD

  • Erzascarlet


  • randomguy

    Unfortunately, its a little too late for violence, for Quick and Skye anyways XP

  • Tarkad

    I want to know what is in the picture xD In other news, the classic Sky Uppercut xD

  • Guest

    3rd panel is WAY FALCON PUNCH!!!

    • Guest

      I mean 2nd Panel… Damn typos…

  • BlackWind

    Well it appears that the picture in question is of Jazmin in some awkward moment or so (perhaps in a wardrobe malfunction pic or something like it X3)

  • crozz

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! all my hopes and dreams died because I didnt see the picture…I hope your proud…

  • Blaze984

    i love the look on Crissy face she doesn’t know to be ebarassed or to laugh

  • Blaze984

    i love the look on Crissy face she doesn’t know to be embarrassed or to laugh

  • Blaze984

    Look everyone im eager to see it too but in a great tv show do they tell you who the killer or bad guy is right away or do they let you think about it and come up with your own ideas. Its just a cliffhanger guys be patient.

  • Tendo

    I have to agree with the others here, this is getting real old. Yes, we get it, the picture is something so embarrassing/vulgar/strange/whatever that Rei and Jaz will do just about anything so nobody ever sees it.

    We also get that we will likely never see the image because showing it will probably never match up to how bad we imagine it is.

    So can we please stop being beat over the head with that picture for several strips in a row already?

  • jared

    So, is this guy, like one of the few humans?

  • You’re just beating a dead horse now, man. Time to move on from this whole picture thing and get down to just what this human dork wants with the bunnies. >.>

  • Dragonrazor

    The human dork probably wants what all human dorks want with anthropomorphic bunnies….I know what I want with them <> I’d include Chrissy too.

  • Stephen

    Damn, a human in a land of furries? It doesn’t happen too often, but there are a few comic strips I have seen it done.

  • MechaPlatypus

    Any business with anthro ladies is good business. Still wanna see that photo though.

  • zero

    can we see the foto naw pliz

    • Karst

      Like some said it probably a noodle incident tropes.

      If your too lazy to read that on the link it just say that there is a high chance the picture will never be seen for the simple reason that it was not mean to be seen in the first time.

      She sure look ashamed though 🙂

  • Ravin

    QQ Moar about the picture. Seriously. Its not your comic. Getting sick of people who say “It should be this way or that way,” IF you want it that way, draw your own comic. Seriously.

    Jazmin uppercut for the win.

  • Chlstarr

    And yet the picture is still beating around the bush…WAITAMINUTE!! Is he wearing Riku’s clothes?! for those of you who hate Kingdom Hearts I apologize, it had to be asked…

  • Blaze984

    awkward look

  • Arrathir


    • knux


  • WellAintThatNice

    I hope the pic is just some crap that isn’t worth all this stuff. That way, I don’t have to care. I like it when I don’t have to care.

  • CHYEEAAAAAA!!! Falcon Punch For la Win!!! NOW SHOW US THE PIC ALRDY!!! D:< Is he (the human) like an old boss photographer, ninja master, or something??

  • bakaneko

    massive human ears….

  • Blaze984

    i said he could have been a ninja master a few comics back but its probably some sexy photo shoot that Jazmin got tricked into doing.

    • WellAintThatNice

      Or she wasn’t tricked. :O

      • does he have any more postes of this comic

        • Blaze984

          Hey man im addicted to this comic too but take into consideration that he has to plan the comic, sketch it, scan it, outline it, colour it, shade and highlight it and he probably has a social too. To do all that in a week is tough cut him some slack and be patient.

  • SA

    Come to think of it, you probably don’t even know what to put for the picture yet… 😮

  • Blaze984

    there proberly just using us to get ideas for what to put in the picture

    • DWKnight

      Wouldn’t surprise me.

      • dalonewolf25

        I bet he’s gonna show us the pic at the end of the chapter as if it was abandoned or thrown away.

        • Shadowkey392

          Now i really want to know what’s in that photo.

  • AflacMan13

    The bunny girls used to work in the circus as clowns and that dude was the ringmaster slash boyfriend of both. And the pic is of them in extremely skimpy yet seriously embarassing clown costumes.

    • MechaPlatypus

      Is that fact or just an idea?

      • Blaze984

        i hope its fact.

  • BlackWind

    Ok what the Bloody Hell is a Friggin “Falcon Punch” been hearing the darned thing over n over is it better than a Shoryuken?(link please)

  • fishbulb


    Much better than a shoryuken

  • Tor The Dum

    see now, the continuous ‘can’t let the readers see this JUST YET’ is basically a nationwide “You’ve been COCKBLOCKD, bow chicka nu-uh.”

  • Cameron

    when are we gonna see the pic