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  • pekoponian girl

    Does Chrissy know this person? or is it some X-RATED picture of the this Reginald and the bunny sisters?

  • sammywhammybar


  • AflacMan13

    Crissy is Blushing so I would guess probably the latter. Of course it could be that it is not X Rated at all. Just seriously embarrassing.

  • And just WHAT on EARTH is that picture about anyways?

    • FrostDeman

      I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

      • JustAfan

        I don’t think so. It will probably be one of those things in which we will have to use our imagination.

  • Terrific20Something

    Oh Boy…

  • OssuaryPariah

    Okay, now I REALLY want to know what’s on that photo

  • Divi

    homg! what is in that picture really now xD

    • Manwhat

      I’m becoming abit of a Yuriko fan now.

  • Dusty

    this only increases my need to see this photo

  • JP

    Decisions,Decisions,Decisions i can´t make my mind up what that picture contains ^^

  • BlackWind

    Ooooohh its show time that picture has got to be some awkward moment that got caught on a polaroid? Eventually we’ll see X3, also nice to see a human around for a change

  • Tendo

    I see that Yuriko is the Cuckoo Cloud Lander of the group…

  • Reever

    i bet all the picture is is like a baby picture of some kind. aren’t most people ashamed of their baby pictures?

  • Chaosfielder

    Human man! I like in the first panel they’re trying to cover themselves, heh. my guess is also that guy with the bunny sisters.

  • Chaosfielder

    …the pic i mean

  • stickdude32

    as once said on robot chicken, GIMME THE BOOBIES!

    • Stop torturing us already and show us the pic!!! My brain ’tis dying over here wanting to know!!! T.T but then Its revived ’cause I’ll DEFINITELY dream of a ‘White Christmas’ w/ any of those girls. ;P XD

  • Guest

    I think I know what the picture is just by look @ jaz covering up her chest area… Also just a thought that this Graves dude is a perv which is come to my mind is that picture something related to it… IN a case of manners and respect of women I shall wish to ask to kick the perv’s ass for the laides out to the ocean!!!

  • Rober2

    Now, I’m DYING to see that photo… Mmm 🙂

  • MechaPlatypus

    With a blush like that, I can tell it’s an “exotic” photo. O-O

  • questionmark

    OMG! The girls were crossdressing! Wait a minute, it’s only weird if guys do it.

  • crozz

    I think its a pic of them as babies… leverets?

  • Dragonrazor

    And now Chrissy’s embarrassed. SHOW US DE PIC DAMEEET

  • Kid_K

    Baby Pictures!!! XD

  • SA

    Why is Jaz covering herself, but Rei pushing her boobs UP? :/

  • My money is on baby pics.

  • What would be frustrating would be the picture gets blown by the wind so we’ll never know what was on it. XD

    • randomguy

      Don’t even joke about that!! XP

    • kristoff

      dont give them any ideas damnit

  • SilverSheilds

    Now either Yuriko’s really out of it or Skye got ahold of her.

  • Oneofmany

    show teh picture!

  • durndle

    It’s probably a baby photo or something.

  • Blaze984

    They’ll show us the picture when there ready it will properly be as a filler picture.

  • Blaze984

    One whole page devoted to the photo but it properly wont be until the end of this arc i guess it will be at least three or four pages away.

  • Blue

    when is the next update? im still confuzzled, started reading this a few days ago….so loving it! so many comics so little me..

  • macias25

    My thing is what happened to the swim suit that she was wearing because in her last page she was in she was in a swim suit that and I want to see the photo!!!!!!!!

  • Blaze984

    the pic will be on the next page that why there delaying the next page for so long to build the suspense or it could not be and the next page was just hard to do.

    • Tendo

      Actually, they said that Rascals will be moving to a once-w-week update schedule with a new strip coming out every Friday.

      • Blaze984

        Fair Enough

      • LittleFear

        buuhuhuhuhuuu :'( then the tuesday will just be another dark day in the week, like the other five already are T_T

        • Sandro

          six…there are seven days in a week and Tuesday is one…sooo six

  • traintrack6

    How come no one else seems to have reacted to the fact that this is the first actual human to appear so far?

    • Tor The Dum

      that’s because it’s actually the second one, ‘tard. man, I’m late, but you are LATE.

  • goodtigerclaw

    i want to see the picture T^T