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  • Tearahk


    • blonde hair? wonder who it is?

      • knux


        • pet_panda

          maybe he’s a simian (like a monkey or something).

        • Darth Woodchip

          What ever he did to scare away both Rei, and Jaz makes him a complete fool. Come on what fool scares away that kind of hotness.

          • Guest

            It’s either a guy that has glasses(nerd or geek) or a guy that has a serious blemish problem… :S EIther way I can’t wait!!! 😀 Also knowing that there are minor details messed us like Jaz’ swimsuit color and Rei’s color being darker, but who cares!! Let the TORMENT CONTINUE!!! >:DDDD

  • BlackWind

    OOOOOhhhhh it seems the “Client” is here and *GASP* appears to be Human!!! O_0;;; hmmm

    • Overmind 666

      If I was in this comic, my character would hate humans

  • Pezz

    Huh Jaz’s swimsuit color changed from before :O

  • questionmark

    OMG, it’s a HUMAN and it can… TALK!

  • Dragonrazor

    Is it just me, or is Reiko a few dozen shades DARKER than she was before seeing that picture.

  • Karst

    @ Dragonrazor

    Instant Tan!

    • sammywhammybar

      Lol another random human guy. 😛 I bet he’s going to embarass Reiko infront of Skye. XD

    • Guest

      Infinite probabilties for this “client” of theres is going through my mind!!!!!! Short guy, ugly guy, mentaly F***ED up guy in the head, or someothers that are going through here!!! Just can’t wait!!! ^_^

      • Billy Bob Jimbo

        Probably a combination of all of that and more.

      • Dusty

        oh gawd! its my friend Drez en XD it has to be from the introduction XD

    • Dragonrazor

      It must be something REALLY embarrassing to darken her fur that much all over.

      • Blaze984

        Thats why i said it must be a cameo because humans have only been in this comic as cameos so far

  • mike smith

    its elmer fudd isnt it

  • JP

    Rei,Jazmine i am your father

  • Blaze984

    Its probably another cameo
    Its pheonix wright

  • oh no it’s VAL VENIS

  • zero

    what hape to the phot and how is th new persen ???


    I see a HUMAN NOSE! Valuable human horn, must be harvested

  • Regvarde

    Hey look, more friendship. lol

  • Blaze984

    Theres nothing cuter than scared sisters hugging.

  • Blaze984

    Maybe hes Reiko and Jasmins old ninja master or there adopted and hes there father?

  • Tendo

    Kittyninja looks so cute in that pose

  • Rane

    OMG!!! Its the white old spice guy!!! D:

  • Super mutant

    AH! Human invade furry world! Quickly! Kill human!