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  • Able

    She just lost the game

    • dementia3

      i lose
      darn you TT_TT

  • edwin

    correct ^^

  • Lucifer.S

    More like she`s lost In the game.

  • SteelDragonFist

    i sure love them pants! 🙂

  • jj

    me want pants

  • Simon

    I can’t wait for tatsunoko vs. capcom to come out.

  • Hell Tutor

    That’s a wii face.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Adventurous one she is, playing with her roommate’s Wii like that.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • …Wut?

    How does we vote to see the pic? >>’

  • tatsunoko vs capcom :3

  • ravor9933

    Epic pants

  • ravor9933

    Epic pants

  • Yep, definitely watching this comic now

  • HAI

    That is soooo me!

  • goodtigerclaw

    chrissy is my kind of girl XD