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  • SmeraldPrime

    FIRST !!!!!!

    • Hoj_poj

      Not quite.

  • zero

    look nick not bad at all but what was the “Photo”
    i what to seee it

  • Darth Woodchip

    So….why does my comics have two of the same pictures one after the other?

    • knux

      Because Jaz deserves to be seen more than once XD

  • BlackWind

    well I love her silky flowing hair in the wind she looks spectacular there ^_^

  • chaosstarter

    yay a jazz incentive all thats left is the two new ninja chicks and we got an orgy

  • MechaPlatypus

    Guess it’s “Bye-Bye Beach & Bikinis” time. Love the sunset coloring by the way.

    • Star Wars maniac

      I’d like to be batman standing on that roof top with her

  • Zix

    hot damn, this is why i like Jaz better then Reiko

    • Blaze984

      Its on the devientart page

  • Blaze984

    I bet the next non filler picture will be about Crissy And Quick and Quicks feelings for Crissy i think Quick atleast deseverves a kiss for defending her.

  • Overmind 666

    if she wasn’t bad tempered I’d ogo out with her

    • goodtigerclaw

      i realky hate jazmine….but id still tap that XD

  • Zarel

    I’d date her anyway, she really does seem like a nice girl

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to be batman standing on that roof top with her