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  • Byte

    i wanna know what’s the photo is about!!

    • A Random Fan

      An embarrassing druken party photo perhaps?

      • xhianil

        for all reading this years after, its in the gallery.

  • OnyxLynx

    Even Reiko is enbarassed!? o///o
    I wanna see this picture

    • Overmind 666


      • Lucius Appaloosius

        I assume she subscribes to “Harpers Bizarre”… 7@=Q

  • DSman6

    I could think of ten things to do to her out of the top of my head.

    • kristoff

      just 10? >> im still writing my list

    • Guest

      Just only 10, I’ve got OVER 9000!!! things to do to her… >:DDDD

      • DSman6

        No, just 10 is fine.

  • NIkku

    hehe lesbo ninjas? 😀

  • Littlefear

    Me too *.*

  • Tarkad

    For Reiko to blush, must be majorly embarrassing.

  • JustAfan

    Is this going to be like Laharl’s picture in ‘Disgaea’?
    I hope not! >:(

  • Tendo

    Awwwww, she suddenly went from looking hot to looking just utterly cute being all helpless and scared in that top panel. Funny to hear her say “don’t touch me” after she was basically rubbing up against Jaz breast-to-breast in the last page.

    That “what to do” pose seems sooo not like Jazmin for some reason…. I dunno why, I she just doesn’t seem the kind to take part in that kinda thing. Her pose also reminds me of that crossover art series when Mai Shiranui and another ninja were mocking May from Guilty Gear about her lack of ….. cleavage.

    I can also see how everybody here suddenly has taken an extremely massive interest in the photo if it actually made REI of all people blush and act worried, heh, love Jaz’s “already packed” response.

    • JPitt

      You mean Kasumi from Dead or Alive.

      The picture was done by Shonuff44

  • knux

    It’s gotta be bad if it’s scaring Reiko D=

  • Kale

    Must be the TWC vote incentive.

  • Irate_Shaman

    This photo is more maddening than the first “Cloverfield” trailer

  • BlackWind

    ok now whom ever is in that photo must be someone that creeps them both out (if not some rich nerd with a crush on them) then must be someone scary enough to spook Reiko lots in a photo glance

  • JPitt

    Something’s wrong, if it scares Reiko and Jazmin’s already packed.

    An adventure is coming.

  • bakaneko

    to freak out rei like that… that is a feat…

  • Guest

    I knew that my blackmail photo is working just nicely… ;D

  • ……omg how da hell did I call that 1st panel?

    all the way at the bottem. *or search ‘Rascals’) I winz so hard right now XD

  • Dragonrazor

    I really want to know what’s in the picture now.

  • MechaPlatypus

    What could possibly freak out Reiko that much? And as for what to do with the paralyzed kitty… I’m thinking whip cream &… (gets mouth covered)

    • Snarky Smartass

      Keep it PG, guys.

  • Sabourok

    Just a crazy thought I’m gonna throw out here, but maybe it’s not something that a person would normally be embarassed about? Consider this: let’s say that they both had a life before the sexy ninja thing they have going and said life was one they weren’t proud of and would rather bury in the past for no one to find out about. Nothing like a drunk photo, but something like if they were young and their parents made them wear lame cloths or something else of that nature. Everyone is assuming that it’s along the lines of filthy embarassment at a party, so that’s leading me to think it’s something completely opposite from that. It is a common practice, making the reader completely belive one thing just to find out later they weren’t anywhere close.

    • Sabourok

      Though, looking at this page, I digress that the speech hints more towards the filthy embarassment at a party theory, but it’s still a possibility that’s nowhere near what it really is.

  • JoeRaven

    Can’t wait to see that pic!!

    • DreadWingKnight


      • Blaze984

        They got drunk and naked at a party oh i hope thats it

  • Darth Woodchip

    Please…..please don’t leave, what would I do with you out you two.

  • sammywhammybar

    Ninja Kitty is cute when powerless. ^^

  • Blaze984

    A embarrassing childhood photo would be funny though.

  • kyo

    with what Jaz said about that kinda talk being the cause. I’m guessing they caught the interest of some dominatrix or something looking for cute bunny pets