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  • Regvarde

    Nothing says friendship like a big, squishy boob hug. lol

    • sammywhammybar

      What are friends for?

      • Tearahk

        My sentiments exactly 🙂

  • sammywhammybar

    So does this mean that this girl is weaker than Reiko?

  • Fearow

    FINISH HER! Lesbo style.

  • The Cavalry

    Possibly the most epic cat (bunny?) fight I’ve ever seen in a web comic 😛

  • JPitt

    What timing.

  • SHarles25

    this is what she get for not attacking first 😉
    I love the action with the card, very well thought!

  • FrostDeman

    Cards to the head always seem to leave the victim paralized…guess its just a trend

  • jasse

    Is that the “numb boobs tecnique” 😉

    • knux

      and numb hair XD

  • Haha, decked her!

    Get it? Decked her? Cards? Cards come in decks?

    I win.

  • NIkku

    Her boobs can talk O_o

  • JustAfan

    Now let’s see if Jazmin can follow up.

  • MechaPlatypus

    Boob hug? Why no, it’s…. Uhhhh… “Getting Up Close & Personal” with your foe. XD

  • BlackWind

    See I told you Jaz wasn’t going to lose, now to see what she does to her opponent since she’s paralyzed >X3

  • Evilboy63

    Dude you just geting, better and better all the time O3o

  • Anonymous

    Now she’s gotta teach her the ways of cleveage storage 😛

  • Flame-LoneWolf

    …Their boobs are so BIG!!! 😮

  • Kid_K

    Numb butt!

  • Luka

    Those boobs need a little deflating.

    • soo, how does the enemy female ninja’s straps go from the hands and back up to the neck when she gets paralyzed:P?

  • JoeRaven

    Nice boobsmash. ^_^

  • taltamir

    that is some sexy fighting.

  • Guest

    Now it’s going to be either a FATALITY, S*XALITY or a FRIENDSHIP move… xDDD

  • jasse

    Or some doggie style fun

  • konnexi


  • Drakara

    Beware of the cards!