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  • sammywhammybar

    *flip* you activated my magic cards!

    Lol This is going to be awesome!

  • questionmark

    At times paper cuts can be worse than the wounds from swords, I guess.

  • BlackWind

    hmm it’s all in de cards mon ami straight card flush she won’t lose

    • ArkanisXII

      Where did the cards come from……..oh……

  • 4kt

    Time to get raped by her… Ninja info cards!

  • Arrathir

    It’s time to d-d-d-duel!

  • knux

    I thought she was unarmed

    • MechaPlatypus

      Be careful, Jazmin might set a trap card.

  • Subtle

    Hah! Your boob-katana has activated my card-o-death trap card! Now you can’t attack for 3 WHOLE TURNS! MUAHAHA!

  • Manwhat

    Let no swimsuit survive.

  • Dragonrazor

    Hmmm…I find myself wishing I were watching from behind the bunny booty

    • Oh yes, I so dearly want to be in that position too.

      Jasmine has one hot bunny booty. <3

  • taltamir

    lets have a clean fight now… lots of clothes tearing but no blood!

  • Guest

    Paper, scissors and we need a rock now… xDDD

  • JP

    i have always wanted to see a vat fight ^^
    i am sick…

    • JP


  • SHarles25

    her secret is that she got the infinite pocket bikini top 😉

  • Esten

    Here we-go a-gain, wooh!

  • Evilboy63

    OH yeah gril fight xD

  • zophah

    Ah yes… Comic powers. the ability to act between panels and instantly be regarded as practical.