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  • Anonmous Bastart

    A cleavage capable of collapsing space itself <3

    • That’s rlaely thinking at a high level

  • Morse

    the bird’s a nice touch too.

    • KittenAlly

      How can you put stuff that long down there?!?!?! D=

      • sammywhammybar

        Holy Damn! She must have a black hole in there. XD

      • Dusty

        seriously! its like natures utility belt in there!

      • Shadowkey392

        With Time Lord technology!

      • Tammy

        … no comment XD

  • Zachlight

    Holy utility boobs Batman! She out classed you!

  • Tearahk

    Can it be?! The fabled Boobs of Holding! I knew they were real! They all told me it was a myth, but I knew better!

    • Snarky Smartass

      Still a myth. The chick, and afore mentioned boobs, are fictional.

      • JustAfan

        I didn’t just see that. TELL ME, I didn’t just see that!

        • Sabourok

          Sorry, but you saw that.

        • Parry

          yep u saw that… AND SO DID I!!! O.o

      • Tearahk


      • Tearahk

        LIES!!!! LIES AND SLANDER!!!!!!!!

  • knux

    Anyone else reminded of that Family Guy episode where Chris’ class gets a hot teacher? XD

  • pet_panda

    who needs a hammer space when you have a clevage void~

    • Kokani

      And of course it doesn’t cut the top on the way out…

      • Fraggingfox

        if she can do that i wonder what else she has in there does she use them to sneak food in movie theaters too?

      • jonsteina

        how do u fit that much shit between ur boobs!

  • chaosstarter

    wow i envy that sword right now and y didn’t it cut the top of her bikini top

    • MechaPlatypus

      One can only imagine what she keeps in the trunk. XD

    • Tendo

      This really should surprise me…… but after seeing a catgirl who didn’t even really have much cleavage to begin with pull out two automatic rifles each one bigger than her from there,,, this kind of thing doesn’t even make me blink anymore.

  • remmus

    *chuckles* and what does she pull from her bikini bottom?

  • BlackWind

    well now this is mighty interesting looks like Miss Kitty might be much more formidable than her friend the Doggie gal, hope that Reiko n friends get to her on time somehow

  • Sandro

    O_o where the HELL Did she get that from?

  • Z

    She stole Mary Poppins’ bra! (And you thought Poppin’s bag was the only transdimensional storage container)

    • chaosstarter

      behold the bottomless boob casam were all men don’t fear to go near (insert dramatic theme music)

  • Sabourok

    ……. if a person were to fall into that cleavage, I don’t think they’d ever see the light of day again.

    • kristoff

      << sounds like a nice place to live

      • chaosstarter

        id love to live there

    • Pilli

      Wouldn’t mind that :3

    • plz let the person be ME!!! XD

    • chaosstarter

      i wouldn’t mind falling inm with all the stuff in their hell tv,satellight,cable,movies,food, id just have to leave a note and say please go to my house and drop me my clothes, some videogames and my laptop, possible a my house, and refrigorator

      • JoeRaven

        Wow! That’s some storage space she has there!

  • taltamir

    it is a simple case of boob magic… didn’t you know boobs were magical?

  • bakaneko

    its got to be the fur…or boobs….wait BOTH!!!

  • Divi

    omg what the D: h-how’d she do that xD

  • WAIT!!! I what it is: She’s the sole Transformer Anthro and gets the blade from the ‘compartments’ settled in her breast! XD

    • gehenna

      It is a bra of holding, like a bag of holding, you know with like, 100m3 of space, but instead of a bag it is a bra.

    • Guest

      I don’t want to see her to pull out an RPG-7 or a LMG next!!! O_O Too scary!!! T^T

  • lolfurries

    the bottomless cleavage? O_O

  • Dragonrazor

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a pocket dimension bikini.

  • Diohgi

    *falls on ground twitching and drooling*

  • Kojima

    *stares for a moment*

    *head asplodes*

  • toxiclepopsicle

    i find it weird that almost all people on here have the same avatar pic O_O

  • TheDongle

    That makes no sense… At all. In ANY way!

    • Chander

      I don’t understand what the problem is.

  • hellsprophet

    did anyone else insta-jizz?

    • oneartform01

      That some amazing slight of hand if i could get that lucky enough to able to get lost i between those bouncy boobies i hope i’ve the option to visitin the trunk!!!!!

      • Blacksnow

        how da hell did it make that “SKINT” sound?? She pulled that thing out of her tits!!! That sounds like it would phuckin hurt!

  • Parry

    CLEAVAGE SWORD SPACE!!! and you thought only hammerspace existed.

  • justin

    what the fuck

    • CrimsonFoxx

      Even more impressive than Cloud Strife hiding a buster sword in a dress!

      • goodtigerclaw

        games have magic pockets…..comics have MAGUC NINJA BOOBS

  • wat….

  • Dragaen

    how in the world did she hide that sword in her bra!?! 0_e

  • Gabes

    Putting my little boy in there and losing it forever or just passing the most gifted cleavage ever? Hard decision…

    • Leafbarrett

      First thing out of my mouth when I saw the last 2 panels: “HOW THE FUCK?!”

      • BITW

        dose she have everything between her boobs?

  • Leafbarrett

    First thing out of my mouth when I saw the last 2 panels: “HOW THE FUCK?!”

  • Leafbarrett

    First thing out of my mouth when I saw the last 2 panels: “HOW THE FUCK?!”

  • BITW

    dose she have everything between her boobs?

  • BITW

    dose she have everything between her boobs?