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  • Anonymous

    I thought Rei enjoys those kinds of jokes

    • knux

      only if it’s her making the joke XD

      • Guest

        I think I know what the picture is… Recalling on an incindent of a “Quick” encounter of a first introduction. ;P

        • stickdude32


        • the jedi

          heck to the noo quick has been to busy tring to impress chrissy dont dis my home boy like that

          • Guest

            No what I’m saying is that when Quick bumped into Jazz in the mall or the outlet mall timeline, that’s what I’m thinking of that picture is…

  • I seriously would like to know who Jaz is freaking out about and whats up with that photo haha 😀

    • Terrific20Something

      Can’t wait to see that picture!

  • sammywhammybar

    Oh Skye you’re so sly :3

  • Frut

    Chrissy has been far less annoying, these past few pages. XP
    And the doggy style thing was kind of cute, but totally predictable. XD

    • Kid_K

      On Noes!

  • AflacMan13

    Embarassing Frat Party Photo…… GO!!! TIME NOW!!!!

  • taltamir

    shouldn’t someone call an ambulance?

  • Ben

    Okay, it’s Friday. Not to be rude or anything, but where’s the comic where we finally see her nekkid?

  • LittleFear

    I am sitting on hot coals while waiting for the new comic strip *-*