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  • The Cavalry

    aaaaaaaand FAIL! XD

  • the jedi

    rofl kinda reminds me of my oh so awsome girlfriend


    • DreadWingKnight


  • Reever

    poor thing must not have depth perception…at least her boobs broke her fall >.>

    • JustAfan

      OH NO! She’s one of those!! Oy!

  • NIkku

    HERE I COM….


  • Erzascarlet

    cant..stop..laughing XD

    • DSman6

      I like how everyone is just like, “What just happened?”

  • Sandro

    Ahhh I see now. She is a dog, so she fell on her face. If she were a cat, she probably would not have.

    • SHarles25

      I pitty her so much!
      it must have been a pain for her to get this high 😉

  • knux

    Rei’s face is full of lolsome(some sort of word that explains awesomeness that is lol worthy, I think) in the last panel XD

  • JPitt



  • FrostDeman

    I love that she threw up the spider-man hand thingie(forgot what the actual term would be) upon impact with the sand.

  • Jutah

    Cue “I meant to do that”

  • Fraggingfox

    i think she might need a bandage for that fail

  • LucifersAngelFeather

    O.O… i hope she didnt break anything… like her neck

  • WellAintThatNice

    Holy shit! It’s a Dog-Naruto!!

    • Kid_K

      ESP Senses tingling…I’m thinking….Glasses. 😀

  • Diohgi


    • Proforce

      Umm….is her name Mihoshi or something?

  • Anonymous Bastard


  • Dragonrazor

    Oh look, it’s Naruko the Ninja…er <> (Yes, I may have kept up with Naruto a little TOO well)

  • BlackWind

    Whoa what an intresting change of events, we got the other ninja girl challenging out in the open Reiko and company only to fall flat on her face, which doesn’t look well for a “ninja” X3 love the groups expression on their faces (tho there’s a “gap” here to be filled)

    • Jarrell

      Aaaand she’s OUT!!!

  • Darth Woodchip

    I am thinking gravity + slight breeze + lack of sense = big face plant.

  • BillyBobJimbo

    I’m thinkin’ everything that everyone else has been sayin’ can be summed up with the simple use of the term “fail”.

  • AflacMan13

    Ah yes the old “Blond Girl Ninja School Dropout Gag Routine”
    Absolute Classic Clicheness.

    • chaosstarter

      does everyone think what im thinking right now jazz looks sweet in a bakini and one piece (v-shaped)

    • Snarky Smartass

      Never heard of THAT one…

  • Dragonrazor

    You know, I keep thinking how much I wish Reiko were in my lap right now in that bikini o.o

    • goodoldjack

      nija fail?

      • BillyBobJimbo

        Spelling fail?

  • Derek

    Reiko! :3

    Oh, and, poor girl. x3

    • JoeRaven

      Wish i was that swimsuit.. lol!

      • BITW

        like Ron Simmons said “DAMN!”

  • Fire All FAILZ Cannons!!!! …that is all. XD ;P

    • lilspirit16

      wow..that’s gotta hurt.

  • Dragaen

    in the words of Michael Kelso, “BURN!?!”

  • BITW

    like Ron Simmons said “DAMN!”

  • BITW

    like Ron Simmons said “DAMN!”

  • りゅ宇佐具

    It seems katbox knows Japanese quite well to know what ‘rabbit’ is translated to 😀 お灰よ!

  • りゅ宇佐具

    It seems katbox knows Japanese quite well to know what ‘rabbit’ is translated to 😀 お灰よ!

  • RyuUsagi

    Reiko’s face is absolutely priceless

  • RyuUsagi

    Reiko’s face is absolutely priceless

  • Seto

    On that tree, she looks exactly like Sarah from Las Lindas.

  • Shadowkey392

    I think your aim is a little off there, miss. Also your supposed to bungee jump with a cord…