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  • JP

    something tells me that chrissy now the client 😛

    • HunkRlz

      Very Nice!!! ^-^

  • JoeRaven

    Booooooooty shot! ^_^

    • melvin moreno

      looks like the twins mother got busted

      • Can she right her wrong? Stay tuned…

  • JPitt


  • BlackWind

    well well so jazmin has an “admirer” that sent this Kitty to “fetch” her and Reiko? this will be interesting indeed (also that was a cute look to Jazmin puzzled at who is it) annnnd Booty shots XD

  • Shadow Nightkin

    Hmmm I think I know who the client is…

    • goodtigerclaw

      i bet its the teacher guy isnt it?

  • chaosstarter

    is it me or is the cat girl that was in the shadows with the other sexy girl in the mall SEXY or WHAT!!!

    i hope they have fan art of her in the future

    • Tammy

      the purple cat in that first panel reminds me of Ayane from Nagaserate Airantou

  • stickdude32

    or skye…

    • knux

      the suspense!! I see that incredibly sexy ninjas are a recurring theme in this comic XD

  • DSman6

    Nice place to carry stuff. Am I right?

  • Yaya

    TO be perfectly honest I keep stuff there, it never gets lost 😉

  • Guest

    Oh so that’s where my photo went… Damn I should’ve TOLD her not to kill them two!!! >_< xD

    • jared

      Your doing this on purpose.

  • beto

    i love cleavage pics

  • Dragonrazor

    Embarrassing teenager photo GO.

  • the jedi

    omg 50 bucks it skye or chrissy

  • NikiNinjaX

    I just realized… There’s a lot of big boobs in this comic… ./sparkle…

    • Spitfire109

      The food chain in action. Poor little guinea pigs. Also is there other races in the universe, all weve seen is Tiger People, Dragon People, and a single Fox nothing else.

  • Frut

    I go to an all-girl highschool, and that’s where everyone keeps their phones and wallets. XD
    (Especially when wearing the kilts, as they have no pockets~) Plus…If you’re caught with them, the teachers don’t want them. D:

    So, it’s not just ‘sexy’, but effective. :3

    I like this new girl’s design the best. <3 The others are pretty normal and 'meh'. (Maybe it's this one's markings/tattoos/whatever?)

    • knux

      could be the hairstyle

  • Jake

    >.< Wheres the zoom function on these pages?

  • Max West

    Nice view! Of course, beach settings are usually an excuse to get females into bikinis – not that I’m complaining.

  • Fwyrl

    Can anyone see the image on this page?

    • Vartra Antonelli

      Second one today I couldn’t see the image on

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    Finally it loads….

    To paraphrase a meme;
    “Always be yourself.
    Unless you can be an Alicorn Princess.
    Then, always be an Alicorn Princess.” 7@=Q

  • ThatOneComment

    Now just hold on a dern minute there. Wasn’t she pregnant last year?

    • Who said the big night only comes once a year in this alternate universe? ^__^

      • ThatOneComment

        Hmmmm. I’ll believe it, easier than believing in the “Characters never Age” conspiracy.

  • Toshiro Tushima

    And the mother is still pregnant for last 3 or 4 years? When will she gives birth for new baby tiger?

  • Chuck

    That sure took a dark turn in the fifth panel. I’m going to assume that they’re talking about pork cooked by someone from New Guinea.

    • GhostlyYorick

      Why would it be less dark to eat pork?

      • Chuck

        Found the vegan!

        • GhostlyYorick

          🙂 No, not really

          Just comparing guinea pigs to plain ol’ pigs – I would say pigs seems to me to have the higher IQ. So, I would actually prefer slaughtering the guinea pigs for human (or tiger – as the case may be) food over slaughtering pigs for food

    • #CarnivoreLife

    • Sartharina

      Are you not aware that Guinea Pigs were initially meso-american livestock?

    • Shadowkey392

      …Or it could be a joke.

  • Shadowkey392

    Awww! Those two are still so cute!

    • Tech

      Of course they see the small, cute fuzzy thing as food. They’re cats.