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  • Elendrill

    Wohoo! well done Quick x3

  • Erzascarlet

    WOOT go quick, be a man so him no mercy!

  • Tearahk

    Wonder if that was his plan all along…. It would make some sense….

  • The Cavalry

    Finally… dude shows some backbone! 😀

    • JPitt

      Watch out, I don’t like that smile on Trevor.

  • JPitt

    Uh oh, I don’t like that nasty smile.

    This is something else.

    I can see this not being one of Quick’s moment.

  • wintervorn

    go quick!

  • DSman6

    Smart move, Quick. And good luck with the fight.

  • Statler

    I would very much like to believe that Trevor was trying to push Quick into showing some decisiveness and isn’t an irredeemable douche.

  • gehenna

    Heh, good.. now, punch his teeth down his throat!

  • BlackWind

    hmm seems to me “snazzy Rich boy” was testing Quick to see his reaction and it appears he now knows Quick’s got a thing for Chrissy much to her surprise >XD

  • BlackWind

    on another note where did Reiko disappear to and also why is chrissy startled so easily? I must review her from previous pages o_o

  • Noah

    This is getting somwhere interesting.

  • Noah

    I mean getting interesting

  • Elendrill

    Now we find out Quick is a closet ninja too? xD

  • Sabourok

    Just a smack? That guy lucked out. By the look of Quick’s face he was ready to go feral on his ass.

    • DreadWingKnight

      That’s a “Glare of Death™” being aimed in the correct direction if ever I saw one.

  • Dragonrazor

    Finally, Quick shows that he’s a cat, not a mouse.

  • BillyBobJimbo

    It took a rich douchebag and a whole lot of jealousy but at least Quick finally “manned up (I know it’s not a real word)” enough to say he’s got it for Chrissy. It’s hard to tell where it’ll go from here because there are so many ways this could turn. Can’t wait!

  • SkyeFox

    quicks my hero!!!!

  • Anonymous Bastard

    The testes have dropped… and what a pair they are.

    • usr1k

      Best comment ever!!

      • WebcomicSurfer

        Man! ^^; That was sweet!

        • Myperson54

          He’ll yeah! Go quick! I wish I had that sort of detirmination!

  • goodoldjack

    Go for the eyes Quick! Go for the eyes!

    • Noah

      Hmm Ok…

  • DiverFox

    man out of all of this its grate that he is finally doing something but i love the transition of his eyes. starting and kind and rounded, to angry and as sharp as a knife.
    great work on this page, love it ^^

  • zero

    in the nick comic if he tell her of he lick her or she mit say yes to stay the nith at hes home.

  • i am

    This is Win and Fail at the same time. Its a WinFail? FailWin?? The Failure of Mr Evil caused so much Quick Win, so Win-Fail it is!!! XD Get’em Quicky, I’ll back ya up.

  • alpha-three-six

    a guy just like trevor tried that with my GF, he apparently didnt know i was a mechanic by hobby, so one night while he was with friends i took the transmission out of his nissan and hid it in his neighbors garage. Ohh..the crazy antics of Tennessee residents.

    • JayPattyson

      He he…Now that’s freakin revenge! How’d that turn out, BTW?

      • alpha-three-six

        Had no problems from him since. Lol