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  • SmeraldPrime

    A very awkward moment…

    And ”Keeru” it’s crotch not cruth 🙁

    • Keeru

      I noticed that after I posted. Couldn’t delete the post or edit it x.x

  • BlackWind

    this is a tender scene what would be even better would be Chrissy gently caressing his hair n_n

    • Peelz here!

      Cutiest Filler ever

      • Neithan Diniem

        Dam, wish a girl would feel that way towards me and have the guts to attempt to tell me about it. You really captured the nervousness she must be feeling, and the awkwardness to be sure.

        Im wondering what Swift would think if he woke up and saw her over him like that…

        This comic, it be awesome. Kudos to you, dear artists! It is one of my favorites.

    • Phlea

      I agree!^_^

  • Guest

    Next part will be Reiko pushing Chrissy into Quick and laid one BIG kiss on him. ;3

  • Darmanarya

    I thought it was cute but out of place amongst the other comics. Then I saw where she was staring. Looks like quick is dreaming of her and has a nasty case of morning wood. XD

  • Anonymous Bastard

    I wonder what she’s thinking about… >:D

  • Kale

    That’s why it starts with an r
    like RONG
    RAEP NO!

  • niege

    and then came reiko with a water ballon ^^

  • Clonious

    Quick needs to get some balls and chrissy needs to not be as… shy.

    • Phlea

      I think Quick HAS balls……what else would she be looking at?Or for that matter,where else would her hand be?8O

  • Saber-Sonic

    yo hands up people who think she should jump him lol – rases hand-

    • Clonious

      *rases hand* lulz

      • AflacMan13

        Major glomp action please. (both hands up)

        • Saber-Sonic

          dam straight come on every one rase those hands !!! wooo lol

          • DiverFox

            meh why not, it could end well *raises his hand*

          • goodtigerclaw

            want to see some action up in here! *raises hand*

    • Phlea

      ………Sure what the fuck*hand up*

    • Jaey442

      I have two hands up
      my good buddy Cthulhu has 9000+ tentacles up

      • Overmind 666

        yeah Cthulhu rules

  • Tai-the-wolf

    *rise both hands*

  • Smartkittykhan

    Two questions: “Chrissy, what are you planning?” and “Will you put it on the internet?”

  • Morning wood calling it

  • Curo

    He wants a joy ride on her swiss alps. she wants to…… play hockey with his stick?

  • Curo

    He wants a joy ride on her swiss alps. she wants to…… play hockey with his stick?

    • Star Wars maniac

      Well princess charming, kiss you’re sleepn’ handsome!

  • Curo

    He wants a joy ride on her swiss alps. she wants to…… play hockey with his stick?

  • Anonymous

    Well princess charming, kiss you’re sleepn’ handsome!

  • Shadowkey392


  • sulka

    Wow The drama is going to happen i am exciting of seeing the new comic strip. Wow red is going to the light side. I don’t she is loyal to queen oscura.

    • Lady Red’s looking out for her people, or so it seems…

      • Puffball

        I know Red was probably saying that to appeal and make a subtle peace offering to Eone, but I don’t think she realizes just how kill-crazy Saph is right now. At any rate, good call Red. You saved another pacifist-ish tiger.

        Good luck remembering to get Kighan outta there, gals :V Riah’s fast, she’ll gain on ’em in no time.

        • Riah’s back in top form, alright, but Naisha’s not one to be trifled with, either. Rula, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have her mind quite in the game right now…

  • sulka

    despite how sexy red is I like saph she is gaia before her. If i were saph take as many dragons with you who don’t agree with oscuras views and find the male dragons and make another dragon nation way up north in the snowy mountains.

    • First thing’s first, though, and that’s getting out of this sticky situation. ^__^

  • MrAMP

    Wait…is Kilani saving her or did Cinder put two and two together with Kilani’s help and make a jet for it? I’m guess the latter with that Extreme Close Up panel of the arms. Either way, I will say that this is getting moderately interesting. But I’m actually surprised with two items here. First that Saph is rather enjoying all this fighting and violence considering she’s an earth dragon. She…seems to be displaying more fire or lightening dragon characteristics than anything else. I’m also surprised that Lady Red is actually appealing to Eone’s wishes to not harm anyone.

    I do feel kind of bad for Kilani though as it’s pretty clear that she simply wants this all to end, even if it means she has to die.

    • We saw earlier that she’s come to terms with it and was even willing to inflict it upon herself. That is, of course, until Cinder stopped her. You’d almost think those two were bonding somehow…

      • DarkStar84

        There’s something potentially adorable between these two. …Is it too much to hope/dream for some kind of fluff subplot with Cinder and Kilani?

  • mastergodai

    Saotome School of Martial Arts Special Attack ! One …Two… Run away!!!

    • Oh, snap, someone knows that bit! Yaaaassss! ^o^

  • David Allen Ortega

    Oh man… this is kinda getting intense…

  • Fillyfooler .

    WE FLEE!!!!

    • Run awaaaay!

      • Jesse Wise

        Looks like a bit of reckless fire magic started a forest fire. Couldn’t one of the earth dragons put it out by kicking up a dust cloud? Would cover their getaway as well. Earth dragons are always being underestimated.

        • Eh, they’ve got their priorities right now.

  • sulka

    So what diabolic plans of torture is queen oscura planning .

    • Depends on what she’s in the mood for.

      • Random person

        *Seeing the large amount of yellow and red in last panel* Yeah thats a pretty good reason to start running.

        • It was getting hot over there.

          • Random person

            Which then presents the question: Would this “beast” thats being mentioned around happen to be a dragon/wyvern? Or perhaps some other mythological fire breathing creature?

          • Beast? What beast?

          • Random person

            Might I share a pair of glasses?

          • There’s no beast back there. Cinder’s making a break for it with Kilani in tow, and the others are giving chase. That’s just dramatic lighting back there from a burning bush.

            Or are you referring to something else?

          • Random person

            Nah, I really doubt thats just dramatic light

  • sulka

    Hey razor fox i am making some draconia scratch art comics for you man i am trying to compare to your art style well i said it once and i said it again your art work is awesome love the characters love the plot too. man it’s addicting.

    • Thanks! I started off as a fan many years ago, too. Keep at it and you’ll grow as an artist and develop your own style!

  • Vampbanshee

    well, I dont know seem they broke their trust .

    • Eh, it was criminally fragile.

  • Chromoid

    Well, not the OPTIMAL response, but at least it could get everyone out of this alive. And seeing as how Kilani’s actually being helpful to the dragons, allowing her to go with them for a spell might actually help her to become more of a go-between for the two sides later down the road.

    …providing, of course, that she survives her visit.

    • Renadt

      I doubt it. Remember, the Queen no likey Kilani, since Kilani actually protected her daughter, thus “brainwashing” her from her “intended purpose” as a weapon. Oscura might even have little ChukiLumina watch to “understand” her role better.

      • Chromoid

        I’m well aware of that. I am trying to be optimistic about this whole cluster.

        • Renadt

          I know, but this is Draconia Chronicles. This is like Game of Thrones if Georgie Martin weren’t a hack and killed half his cast.

          • Chromoid



          • I’ll catch to him one day. ^__^

          • Renadt

            No, you won’t. You have too much talent for that. All your deaths have had meaning.

    • Yeah, that whole “being alive” thing might prove challenging under the present circumstances.

  • DarkStar84

    I love the last panel in this page. Taken out of context, it looks like it’s from a comedy. I can’t help but think that it looks like Cinder and Kilani are running away because of some sort of zany scheme of theirs went wrong and they’re trying to skip town!