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  • Ether

    Let the ass kicking begin

  • ShadowNightkin

    Hmmm I knew I had a bad feeling about that guy >.>

  • I would beat up that guy myself..he anoying

  • JPitt

    Great one here. Now this is tension. Quick will be alright here.

    I think he’ll hold his own in this case and at least he’s not trying to be something he isn’t.

  • knux

    hmm. Quick managed to make Skye Cringe. That’s gotta be some elbow XD

  • DiverFox

    I love the look on Quick’s face, cool yep angry at the same time, and the glasses help some how. XD

  • Ahh ~

    A good ol’ slice of retro anime humor that is.

  • Kale

    Wow. That teacher is just… HUGE charisma score, but WISDOM DUMP STAT. He’s pretty boned if he gets Tainted from being evil. Depravity through the roof. I’m guessing he’d develop solipsism. I don’t know if I spelled that correctly.

    • Sharles25

      Oh, this guy is a bitch… Quick is not happy tho 😉

      • Is it just me? or is the Team 7 a reference to Naruto? I mean, ninjas, and rabbits, and chakra… Hmmm…

    • Darkdrake

      ah, good old 3.5. Nice to know some people still remember HoH

      • Shadowkey392

        Someone please floor this guy…

  • BlackWind

    Whoa Battle Lines are Drawn the guy wants to start something by indirect antagonizing (and whoa Quick being able to elbow Jab Skye is mighty impressive to the “wrestling champion” who knew?)

    • gehenna

      Well, he threw Jaz into a bush, and she’s a ninja!.. hmm.. maybe someone in his family is putting martial arts tapes under his pillow to listen from a speaker while he sleeps or something?

  • Pekoponian girl

    Waaittaminute….does that mean that quick-*cheeky all-knowing grin*

  • Anonymous Bastard

    That idiot with the green hair is a jackass.

  • AflacMan13

    Quick is buff for a nerdy guy. You do not typicaly see that. I have a feeling he could easily hold his own in a fight with pretty boy green.

    • BlackWind

      Yes especially if he actually made Skye feel that Elbow jab (and he’s a wrestling champ too) so yes there’s more to Quick than he seems so can’t look down on him

      • gehenna

        Yes, well, no matter how muscular someone is, a well placed elbow to the solar plexus will drop you, as there’s a bunch of nerves there, painful and paralizing.

        • Dr.Winther

          Well if he punch you into next week you kinda cant do it -.-

        • zedocax

          Amazingly Devilishly Handsome Detective
          anyone else catch this?

  • JoeRaven

    Can’t wait for the update!

  • Guest

    Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!! :DD

  • Noah

    The Green Hair Guy Is A JackAss! XD

    • Saber-Sonic

      oh hell yah! never mess with the power of the nerd lol

  • supervizor

    What does everybody have against that poor guy?
    He isn’t that bad.How could he know quick paid this?
    But that ”Clunky Moped” looked like a motor, not a moped……but who cares?

    • Noah

      ORLY You Think So..

      • Hah, that was close.

      • supervizor

        not really actually….
        I was just bringing it up.

  • NoOne

    OMG THE NEXT PAGE IS 69 i hope it is not filler. but i hope it is really good. or it is a filler and a real page of plot li9ke page 69a n 69b

  • BillyBobJimbo

    Never mess with nerds, bro…
    Bully: Stay the hell out my way you puny little nerd!
    Bully the next day: Why is my bank account empty and all my credit cards maxed out…? Aw shit…

  • KittyRAWR