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  • bakaneko

    yea, son! deal with it! ohhhhh

  • Dom

    XDD OMG the first time i saw this i laughed so hard X33333 and the look on his face >w< well since Rivera lost his chance looks like Quick still has a shot X3 i still im eager to see whats gonna happen later on If Quick will finnaly get the chance to admit his feelings for Chrissy or just blow it like always XD still great work ^^

  • DWKnight


  • JPitt

    Yes he did.

  • NikiNinjaX

    GG. That’s all I got to say. ouo~<3

  • Dragonrazor

    AH HAH HAH…poor ba….I mean, poor teacher. No schoolgirl for him.

  • LMAO!!!!

  • BlackWind

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! Superb save Reiko awesome way to “cockblock” for Quick’s sake XD

  • Rane

    if only everyone cock block was this funny instead of just sad

    • Terrific20Something

      The teacher got schooled!

      • HowlingStorm


  • Dusty


  • lolfurries

    a teacher is attracted to the schoolgirl? wouldnt that make him a pedo?

    • DreadWingKnight

      Not when you’re dealing with university/college with no grade skipping.

    • TeamHedge

      It wouldn’t exactly be pedophilia.It’s more along the lines of “Statutory” Though some people have discussed the guy is possibly a “student/teacher”,so it wouldn’t make him any or all that older if he is.

      • Noah

        Try Saying Wolly Bear As Many Times You Want It’s Funny…!

    • Phlea

      Nah,if it’s like an old middle school friend of mine who got pregnant in grade 8 because of her math teacher,then it’s pedophilia.If it’s a babe in college bumping uglies with a teacher who’s maybe 2 years older than her,then it’s having fun.

      • Guest

        W0000T my AA-CB is working just fine now!!! X3 ^_^

    • theburntshadow

      Actually no. A pedo is someone who has a thing for children, 12 or below. But it is illegal for a teacher and a student to get hooked.

      • JoeRaven

        Nice move Reiko. I about pissed myself when i got to the bottom of the page. Great work!

      • mr noname

        My message to pretty boy (t*-*t)

  • Tarrian

    Bah! Quick just needs to get over his fixation with the ditzy, wishy-washy cat and chase after some mouse tail. At least SHE shows some hint of a functioning brain and an interest in him. Oh well, guess it’s the age-old problem of wanting one thing that’s bound to be a pain for you and passing on something readily at hand that would be great. Quick’s an idiot.

    • Phlea

      Yeah but there’s one thing you forget,cats are more flexible than mice,hehe 😛

    • questionmark


      • DSman6

        Doesn’t suck to get cockblocked? I know it does.

      • Dragaen

        epic cockblocked by the Famous Ninja Reiko. Deal with it xD

  • Noah

    What Does CockBlocked Mean?

    • Kriegsmann

      Means he was trying to get laid, but given that her friends butted in, he’s not getting any. Hence his ‘cock’ got ‘blocked’ from gettin’ to it.

    • HunkRlz

      It means that all systems are go and you were about to get some sweet “Score” when an “obstacle” prevented you from doing so!!! -_-

      • Phlea

        Who created this comic?I need pointers for doing hands and feet.

    • Phlea

      Basically,it’s like;You and your girl are making out in the park when her annoying little brother or a friend of hers interrupts you just as she’s getting ready to take her top off and you’re ‘item’ is about to rip a hole through your pants and neither of you get anything.Also called getting blueballed.

      • Hoj_poj

        I would be worried if stuff like that happened in the park. I think its more like you are in her room making out on the bed and then you are right about to get into her pants when her older brother comes pounding on the door to get you and her to come try his new recipe for omelets. That's happened to me before. It sucked but it was a pretty good omelet.

    • JPitt

      He was going to seduce her knowing she was naive somewhat that was his intention.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    I knew there was something slimey about that teacher.

  • Twokinder

    I love his face in the last panel. SO CUTE!

  • goodtigerclaw

    cockblock….happens to all of us men , eventualy

  • Shadowkey392

    OHHHH Buuurn!