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  • JPitt

    Great page.

  • JustAfan

    Reiko can still dream. Anyway, I should have known a monkeywrench would be thrown at the mechanic!

  • JPitt

    Dirty minded.

  • Noah

    Funny Yet Dirty Minded..

  • Oh, HOW CONVENIENT that Trevor just HAPPENS to show up. How SUPER. x3 I don’t like him.

  • Brad

    Back at my Quick&Chrissy Headquaters
    Agent 1: I don’t know SIR!!!
    Me: THIS IS GONNA RUIN EVERYTHING!!! CODE RED…CODE RED….I’m kicking you ass tommorrow…CODE RED!!!
    Agent 1: It wasn’t my fault!!

    • RookieAgent: Sir! I believe he secretly stalked them all so he could get with her!!! Then QUICKly fixed it to look as if he were already there! D:

      • Brad


        • Noah

          So What Now?

  • Dusty

    silleh bunnieh

  • Tearahk

    That was great! She reminds me so much of my character Lynn, vulgar, rude, dirty minded, and a ninja!

  • knux

    I still say he has that sinister aura about him. Not trusting him one bit.

  • BlackWind

    uh oh unexpected company drops in (and Reiko takes advantage for a brief boob smush XD) what will the sudden “drop in” mean for Quick’s outing, hmm must await the next installment

  • DSman6

    Uh oh, she’s got that look again.

  • HunkRlz

    Oh boy that “look” of her’s again!!! 0.0

  • Dragonrazor

    Mmm, threesome with Chrissy and Reiko….

    • lilspirit16

      ahhh….threesome indeed….lovely.

  • Dom

    Is it just me or is it seems Reiko gets more perverted every time Chrissy is involved XD but still i see future drama since Quick is still trying to ask Chrissy out but now a guy she dated EVEN THOUGH ONCE is their may cause an issue OwO can’t wait to see Quick make or break one this one. More then like break then make LOL XD

    • lilspirit16

      I think quick will interfere with anger or maybe not….might cower down and give up hope. x3

  • Sabourok

    What’s next? Will Raven drop in? (rhetorical question)

    • BlackWind

      Yknow I too thought of that Idea (kinda like Quick running into her casually at an italian Icey shop) X3

  • Jutah

    Very cheeky of Reiko…

    • knux

      please tell me that’s not a pun -_-;

      • DreadWingKnight

        Sorry, Can’t.

  • Freelance

    It seems Naughty Professor outdoes Quick. At least physically (see that worked out torso).

    Still, he doesn’t seem *very* bright. Quick has a chance after all.

  • lols

    How often are you gona update the vote bonus pic btw i love the enw one hope u keep ones like this comeing

  • This is such a great comic >.< Could you visit mine?

  • Darth Woodchip

    I smell trouble…..or is that me….nope…not me.

  • Saber-Sonic

    ooooooooh this is not gona end well for bothsides of the party lol buuuuuuut then again who would read it if every thing worked out so easaly ya know …. oh hell id still read it go you dirty bunny go lol

  • lilspirit16

    wow…I missed a lot! but I have to say! this really does get better and better every update based on what I’ve seen! ^^ anyways…I only have a few weeks before I head off to camp and boot camp….For now I shall start commenting regularly!^^ Then I’ll be away for 2 month! I’ll be sure to leave a comment when I catch up again! x3

  • lilspirit16

    xD her and her many horny bunny girl thoughts! x3

  • toxiclepopsicle

    chrissy does have a nice ass though; great i’m dirty-minded now XD

  • toxiclepopsicle

    chrissy’s like “OBJECTION!” XD

    • Gardevoirian

      but there’s no extreme perspective!

  • Skye

    verynice how much? -borat-

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Reiko’s imagination xD

  • Conquest

    Also Happy April fools Razor!
    You gave me a nice laugh!!

    • Glad you liked it!

      • Conquest

        My initial reaction was “wow already!?” Then I remembered… was april fools day

        • I pulled a long, late night to get this one done. Not something I’d want to do every week. I had to get page 389 done, though, as it sets this gag up by getting everyone into position. ^__^

          • Conquest

            Well atleast you did it for the….I guess we can call it a holiday….
            So vegies are the “Tigers bane” huh? *evil laugh*

          • MrAMP

            Okay, not going to lie, but I didn’t get this strip at first, but then I typed in cats vs. Cucumber and laughed so hard….so freaking hard. XD

          • No cat is safe from the wrath of the Cucumber!

          • Valkeiper2012

            I’m gonna have to try that.

        • mastergodai

          haha I love that cat vs cucumber video XD

          • ThatOneComment

            With this, I will soon control all of the tigers. Muahahahaha!!!

          • Their Achilles heel has been exposed!

          • Valkeiper2012

            not like they lack weaknesses already.
            the dragons have several advantages and you have yet to reveal how the tigers (actually we should call them “tigresses”) haven’t been wiped out.

          • Holo

            I remember reading that somewhere near the front of the comic…..they have these weapons that are made out of a magical stone that negative all magic. rendering the dragons to hand to hand combat.

            correct me if I’ve wrong ^^

          • Valkeiper2012

            The metal is named ‘Zircon’ (or something like that)
            Problem is it has no magical properties.
            It’s just a metal to make tools.
            Come to think of it, the dragons don’t use tools at all.

            This difference does not negate any of the dragons’ advantages, but it does give the tigresses a ‘close combat’ advantage.


          • I feel so bad for those cats, but I can’t help but laugh hysterically when I see those videos!

  • Sable

    See, here I was thinking the tigers were very fond of ‘cucumbers’ ;V

    • If by “fond of,” you mean “inexplicably freaked out by,” then yes, they’re extremely fond of cucumbers.

  • Vosur

    You should’ve put it out of their field of vision and let them ‘find’ it. That’s why most cats freak out from it as it is something that’s “appeared out of nowhere”.

    • Looks like that’s how Shie found it, and her reaction triggered a chain reaction. Them cucumbers don’t mess around!

  • Indeed!

  • Ichicora-Uzumaki

    Lol I first saw that cats are scared of cucumbers on the show Rediculousness, it’s still funny as hell XD

    • Apparently works on bigger cats, too. ^__^

      • Ichicora-Uzumaki

        Lol so it seems

      • Vampbanshee

        mmm it not working on my Cats . LOL

  • GG1

    Thanks Razor, this did have me LOL a lot, was surprised to see an update so soon, then after reading it realized it had to be an April fools joke. Why are cats scared of cucumbers? Is it the smell or because of the appearance and what about bananas? Thought the tigers would like a cucumber if there’s no males around for company.

    • I’ve heard a few explanations for the cucumber reaction, but however you slice it, it serves up comedy gold. ^__^

  • Puffball

    Haha, nice April Fool’s strip, yo |3

  • Vampbanshee

    RazorFox . start better run because Tigers hate Joke about Cucumber. ( he he he i cant help it, make me laugh ha ha ha ha oh sorry tigers )

    • Glad you like it! The Tigers, on the other hand, aren’t too thrilled about it. ^__^

  • Christopher Stanley

    I just laughed so loudly I woke everyone up, Dude, Priceless, I love it!

  • sulka

    I love cucumbers!! ^o^ tigers should love them too it keeps them fit.

  • Chromoid

    “One cuke to rule them all
    One veggie to find them
    One cuke to bring them all
    And in the Darkness, bind them!”

  • Shadowkey392


  • kalle kanin

    I’m sorry sir, I was