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  • Dusty

    XD oh man, so true, radioactive rabbit on valentines day XD im gonna use that line in real life some time…

    • Astro

      Wouldn’t that cause a nuclear holocaust/Zombie invasion?

      • A SEXY nuclearholocaust / zombie invasion.

        • Mr Andersen


        • Beauboy

          So THATS why the world’s gonna end in 2012! At least it’ll be a happy ending!

  • Kokani

    At least he is honest XD

  • mario.bros

    the last panel rulz

  • Lucifur.S

    Radioactive rabbit on valentines day…?
    New, funny and….just a bit strange(?)

  • LucifersAngelF

    im 5 pages into this comic… and it already ROCKS!!!!

    • agreed

      • ravor9933

        Fifth impression is awesome

  • OhEmGeezuz

    LOL :] i love this comic. Its teh bestest. >.nEW FAVORITE.<<

  • Anonymous Bastard

    The humor in this is great. I think I’m hooked.

  • ravor9933

    Fifth impression is awesome

  • Shadowkey392

    I wonder how much of that footage he actually got rid of …