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  • Dusty

    Hang him from his toes! everyone learns there lessons hanging from there toes! Nice move slipping ‘stare’ in there on her chest, took a second to click in. XD

    • jjareds

      Same here.

  • SteelDragonFist

    I like how she whooped his ass! hehehehe!!

  • Paris

    this is so sick… love the art work… good luck, and keep up the subtle boobies… thanx

  • Able

    people stare any ways =3

  • shia-ayanokoji


  • jj

    i would like that school

  • Sven

    I like this comic ^^ Please keep it going! You rock!

  • Nathan/Lanos

    Haha, that “Stare” was perfect placing. It was actually the first thing I looked at unintentionally and still didn’t realise. XD

  • Kokani

    HA So freaking called that!

    Nice shirt by the way new girl…

  • One of Many

    Cool, i like the art.

  • Flame

    LOL, I think I am going to really like this comic. 😀

  • Hell Tutor


  • Anonymous Bastard

    What college is this? please tell me this is based on a real one XD

  • i think he meant co-ed dorms. unisex is one sex, co-ed is both

    • Yeah, that really threw me, too, at first. I was thinking the other two were really flat, then later realized they must be guys.

    • Bizkit

      Actually, unisex is the correct word. It refers to things that are suitable to either gender.

  • When I get into collage I hope it has co ed dorms

  • James Lewis

    Man must have nine lives plus I would’ve put the camera where the sun don’t shine. If I we’re all girl.