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  • sammywhammybar

    Lols siblings are annoying. ;P

  • JPitt

    Is there a fight coming on?

    I hope so because I would so kick her ass for that.

  • TheBiggestIdiotEver

    Good LORD, that’s a lot of money! That must be one helluva drink.

  • Sabourok

    It’s almost as if Jazmin knew she was comming….

  • knux

    Well, every revenge scheme always starts with a step 1 XD

  • Dragonrazor

    Jazmine’s supposed to be the older sister, correct? Something tells me she won’t be getting any older.

    • Jaz is younger actually she just has tall genes

      • zamorade

        nice 😀
        i thought the winning character was a guy… meh :p

      • JPitt

        Jazmin has tall genes?

        How tall is she to Reiko if I may ask?

        • a couple inches

          • Dragonrazor

            ah….she acted and spoke like she was the older one. Meh…Reiko’s better looking…and more boobied

          • JPitt

            So in numbers; Jazmin maybe 5′ 11″ to Reiko who maybe 5′ 9″

          • Tammy

            I always saw Reiko as about 6’0 and Jaz as 6″2 (the measurements for height and other stuff are in inches on the cast page, correct?)

  • Kale

    I feel the need to reiterate: Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears :3

  • lilspirit16

    Nice! x3

  • Beauboy

    made me laugh. I’m gonna guess you were tired when you made panel 3 because you used the wrong kind of “you’re”. Whatever, this comic keeps getting funnier.

    • Beauboy

      I can expect what happened when she ordered the drinks sounded something like this” “Yes waitress! I’d like a 20 martinnis, 30 sodas, and 36 milkshakes.How am I going to pay for this you say? Well my dear friend here (that I just met) is going to pay for it all! Isn’t she just the nicest thing!”

  • i need to pay more attention to things

  • O_o;;; so Jazmin is younger than Reiko and she acts like she’s all that and has her sister pay for whatever she does? Oohhh I know the “fur” is gonna fly after this

  • Shoe

    $300 worth of drinks?

  • Kid_K

    What happened to the credit card?!

  • Retro_Dude

    The Fiend! poor reiko 0=

  • bakaneko

    i have to agree with her. the bear is cute

  • vbcnxm

    nice, I forget how I found this, but so far, I like it!

  • Welp…. the credit card died! XD

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Don’t do it Reiko. Jazmin needs to own up.

  • Overmind 666

    that bear chick looks kind of human

  • alpha-three-six

    i think Reikos heart skipped a few beats