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  • Kale

    flzsrp. *Brain shutting down. Please reboot and consult an administrator*

  • Dragonrazor

    hmmmm…..I think…that her hips are a little wide for that one piece. she should be wearing a bikini.

    • Overmind 666

      I don’t care how big her hips are, she’s still hot

  • sammywhammybar

    She’s cute. Just something about the legs that seems… off. I dunno she’s still smexy. 😀

  • Kale

    I find no flaw whatsoever in the bear.

    • Byte

      *drools*hmmm smooth hips*drools* :Q________

  • Regvarde

    Baby likes back!

  • Milius

    She has generous hips, I like it.

    I always liked girls with a little more meat on her bones. Nowadays the girls are so obssessed with the weight that they don’t realize the two parts of femenine anatomy men loves are all fat.

  • Gee

    What’s her name?

    • Kale

      Using my vast powers, I have determined her name.

    • Zoe

  • Rane

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Looks like my freind except furry…. and smaller butt XD

  • That is one sexy looking Bear gal exotic looking as there aren’t many in the fandom, simply marvelous ^_^

  • Kid_K

    Rawr! 😀

  • Well, considering the reaction that she got for a relatively brief appearance in the comic, it only seems appropriate that she give some fan service 😛

    • Dragonrazor

      Emphasis on the service…er <>

  • TheBiggestIdiotEver

    Pretty cute for a godless, killing machine.

  • Uncle Jellyfish

    The glasses are the most appealing part. Gotta love a girl with glasses…

    • Dragonrazor

      I like the violet eyes myself

  • Supervizor

    …..Ehm…Sorry, brains exploded……..Can’t comment!

  • sexy but still not as hot as reiko

  • She’s Cute She Dating Someone ?

  • bill


  • Drakara

    Zoey looks amazing, nothing out of place. Is she available?