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  • ladiesprime217


  • SmeraldPrime

    Pritty MEGA that every girl in th comic is busting with DD’s or more 🙂

    Good panel aswell can’t wait to see what comes next

    • Dragonrazor

      Chrissy looks more like a C or D, and Jazmine looks smaller than Reiko

  • Majin-Wolf

    He sure is happy!! 🙂

  • Sabourok

    I’m sure I’d regret nothing too. lol

  • Proforce

    Worth it. So very very worth it. But tell me, how did our dear bear not pop out of her top? I mean the force she was using should’ve easily overpowered whatever staying ability her clothing has. Just…something I thought I’d throw out there. ^_^

    • Kid_K

      Cartoon clothing….As durable (and tight) as in needs to be at that exact moment.

  • knux

    I could’ve sworn Chrissy and Reiko were the same height.

  • Kale

    I just love that bear more and more…
    I wonder what her name is?
    Excuuuuse me, miss…
    Might I inquire as to the name of such a radiant beauty?

    Oh my god I need to go to sleep or something I am pretending to hit on comic characters.

    • sammywhammybar

      ROFL XD

  • Uncle Jellyfish

    Jabby reminds me of Happosai…

  • sammywhammybar

    I love Jabby’s philosophy. Live life and regret nothing! XD

  • Dragonrazor

    am I missing something, or is she telekinetically hitting him with a purse?

    • Dragonrazor

      Also….I wish I had Reiko’s big bunny boobies in my face o.o

      • Kid_K

        Talk about being “Well atuned” his face can almost tell if or if not a bra is in place. :p

  • Kid_K

    Looks Like Team Jabby is blasting off agaaaaain!

  • Gee


  • Wolfe Song

    Niiiice. I salute you my perverted brother in arms!

  • Wasn’t Jabby just sayin he was a bit old for her o_O?

    • bakaneko

      no matter how old you are boobs are always fun

  • home freakin run baby…

    home run…


  • TheBiggestIdiotEver

    He lived as few men dared to dream.

    • Beauboy

      His life is now complete.

  • Supervizor

    Damn, how does someone think of webcomics like this.
    I…i..i mean the characters, the (maybe cheesy) story, and the individual, train of thoughts?
    Btw, i think i may be printing out every page and make a small book 🙂 !

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Nothing to regret Jabby, nothing to regret.

    • Snarky Smartass

      ‘Cept maybe the fact that didn’t last longer…

  • Drakara

    I like the facial expressions in the first panel. You wouldn’t want to get on the cute bear’s bad side.

  • goodtigerclaw

    lol Jabby is awesome

  • Glenn Sellers

    “I regret nothing!” I seem to recall that line from the anime series “Urusei Yatsura”.