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  • nightelf09


  • knux

    What are they looking at, anyways?

  • Dusty

    o.o;: some super secret past?

  • Um…. Which way did the door swing? I’m lost….

    • little_red_panda

      they are inside, doing what ever it is they are doing, while he is outsde looking in. the door is opened and swings out to hit him.

      but if your asking which side the hinges are on for it to swing….i can see where the confusion is…i doesn’t seem to be swinging the right way, i just pass it of as the way the shot is angled

      • DOH! y’know i could have sworn i drew hinges on that door

    • Dragonrazor

      Outward. The girls were on their way out. And I’m pretty sure that’s a bear, not a cat.

  • Kale

    A…Aggh… Glasses… And cleavage… How did you know…
    My only….

  • He he he wow Reiko does look good in her new Haircut but damn she really wants to get sum Chrissy tho she doesn’t see it that way, beautifully made that other catgirl in the glasses n tube top really sexy looking and her expression is priceless XD

  • Dragonrazor

    the blonde is…Ursine, right? A bear?

    • The girl with the tubetop and glasses is a bear a bear. You’ll remember her from waaaay back at the start.

      • Dragonrazor

        *grins* it’s the tail. The tail gave it away.

  • Lenny

    omfgggg boobies! XDD rofl nice comic really good job with it you got something good going here X3 if ya don’t mind me saying 😛

  • Anonymous Bastard

    My prediction was wrong, I see the mustache

  • anonymous $

    total pwnage

  • firekirby135

    April Fools or not, I still really like that character design. XD

    • Borderwolf

      I agree, Ms. Star would be better in her own story instead of a re-hash of Caribbean Blue.
      But this is a nice April Fools Day prank. 😉

  • Strongspank

    10/10 would re-read.

  • BlackWind

    If I hadn’t remembered the date I’d had bought this story XD