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  • SmeraldPrime

    Damn Filler… :@

    Just When The Story Was Getting Into It :/

  • Regvarde

    Oh darn, now we have to stare at this incredibly smexy, near-naked mouse. How I writhe with fury…

  • Rane

    Well what r ya gonna do? At least its a good filler.

  • Hmm… she seems rather surprised… and embarrassed… I wonder if she was caught in the middle of a rather personal act…

    • Kid_K

      I think it’s more of the “Wait? Was that a photo flash?” look of embarrassment.

  • panther

    Rape face. ACTICVATED

  • RegenadeBeauty

    Oh damn… want more story!!! less filler getting so good… ah well guess i my attune my patience

  • Sind

    Ow man, she looks so cute in this photo =3

  • A pause in the story?
    (Cute pic of Raven in undies BTW)
    (Something came up at the time so friday should be back on track?)

  • So since this is a filler who’s next? Reiko Chrissy or your new Bunny? This is adorable n sexy n_n

    • Kid_K

      Check the TW Comics Vote link.

  • rofl

  • Kid_K

    Homina Homnina!
    I was going to type something deep and intelligent here, but my train of thought never left the station.

    • Kid_K

      Mice is Nice 😀

      • Beauboy

        yep ^_^

  • Epic nosebleed!

  • Dragonrazor

    o.o my train of thought crashed after “I wouldn’t mind having that sitting in my room right now.”

  • Charlie Wolf

    She got a big butt.

    • Dragonrazor

      nah, it’s just that her legs are spread apart around what she’s sitting on and she’s leaning over. It’s a classic photo trick, actually. Ever seen those myspace pictures of girls sitting like that? Of course, they usually do it from the front and above to maximize the appearance of their bustline (especially when they don’t have one)

  • either way it is still hot, sexy, erotic, and ummm (dramatic pause) erotic hell ya… but not as hot as reiko

    • Snarky Smartass

      Meh. I like Chrissy. Rei’s got that “Crazy Bitch” look. Like, you know, not wanting to meet them in a dark alley?

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Woohoo! Raven.

  • Crash

    There’s just something about mouse girls with glasses that’s just so darn CUTE!
    Great comic so far, and good filler! 😀

  • goodtigerclaw