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  • Beauboy

    Looks like things are about to get good….

    • Overmind 666

      since when did reptiles have facial hair? or hair at all?

  • jared

    “based loosely around mt collage years”? Are you hinting that you are some sort of super hero?

    • lol mainly its just the realistic stuff is based on college stuff if ninjas and stuff was there however it would have been pretty cool

      • jjareds

        Aw man, I was hoping too

  • knux

    I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen and I have a feeling about what the outcome will be from all this.

  • Hmmm… is Reiko actually from a ninja family, instead of just dressing up as one for work?

  • nightelf09

    does that lizard have a mustache o.o

  • “I’m sure Master Skye has been taking good care of her…” with his penis.

  • Dusty

    .O. drama!~

  • heartless

    last panel is badass 😀

  • carefree reptile dude is right though skye has been taking “good” care of her

  • Kid_K

    Sky….Ex-Boyfriend? :p

  • Dragonrazor

    so Reiko’s a sexy NINJA bunny for real, huh?

  • Cpt America

    This comic is so f-ing epic

  • Pvt Ssellur

    The lizard dude looks like Pembroke from Femmegasm

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Que ninja otakuness. It’s not bad, but I’m not thrilled about it.

  • redjohnsw

    I liked this one however since we know how it all ends out im ok with this spot to end but maybe finish the lunch seen and end it with alej driving off.