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  • nightelf09

    LOL love the last frame

  • Proforce

    Man Quick…do you have that catalog memorized? If so, which issue, hmm? ^_^

  • JPitt

    Man, Quick better do some fast thinking on about which girl.

    Great Page Mastergodai.

  • Dragonrazor

    that’s going to be rather awkward. Also…Chrissy has some yummy bazookas, doesn’t she?

  • BlackWind

    well it seems the night ended somewhat well for both that’s nice

  • knux

    And he knows this why? XD

    • Kid_K

      He’s and avid reader. 😀

  • niege

    what should have been better if he had know the size instead X_X

    • knux

      He probably does, but he’s looking at the panties right now XD

  • Burninghart

    Oh man… Quick, I feel your pain. T-T Bwaha.

  • Dusty

    WOW! reads up much?

    • Dusty

      also, he totally needs to wear that bra for the rest of the night on his head X3

  • gehenna

    Most likely she would not have kissed him, only thanked him for inviting her for the concert.. and Quick, you are going to get hit for looking at those panties, even if it was not your fault they ended in front of your nose and the bra on your head. Somehow it is always our fault. And ahh.. at last we see Raven’s pretty eyes full size.

  • drk nite

    forget what you all are saying!!! she has a thong next to the jersey!

    • Holy Toledo and hot tomales! You’re right! Ay caramba!

  • Keeru

    silly quick. bra’s don’t go on heads x3

    • Kid_K

      They’re Ear warmers. :p

  • It takes quite a lot dedication to pull that off.

    …or is desperation the right word here?

  • Lookifoundsomething

    Well im kinda slow but I noticed that this is also 32 page of the comic same as the panties catalog page =P

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Quick has an interesting memory.

  • Deathbeam9000

    Why does he know what page the stuff is?

  • Deathbeam9000

    Why does he know what page the stuff is?

  • Glenn Sellers

    Quick knows that information TOO well. LOL.