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  • Waterwind222

    Yup… knew Raven would make out with him, I sense a conflict brewing~

  • Paris


  • Proforce

    I don’t blame Raven. Letting Quick know that if Chrissy’s not interested, she sure is. Only problem is that Chrissy is, I think. This will be interesting

  • JustAfan

    Looks like Quick is doing QUITE a bit better than Chrissy.

  • lolwut

    lol this is gonna be interesting

  • sammywhammybar

    Cut your loses and settle for Raven Quick! You can do it! 😀

  • Keeru

    man everyone is getting some 0-o

  • Hey, she is more perceptive then we were giving her credit for. But she is at least nice- she kisses him, but she doesn’t do enough to get him into trouble. I like 🙂

  • Majin-Wolf

    I’m happy for Quick but Sad for Chrissy ah MAN I wanted them together whats going to happen now?!

  • Nespin

    How I wish my college life was like this. Ah well.

  • Freelance

    Focus, Quick, focus!

  • Dragonrazor

    Put quite simply, she knew that she wasn’t the intended date. She’s a bright girl, and clearly put two and two together, and to quite Dan and Mab, only in a pheonix temple does one plus one equal swordfish. (I dunno, I just woke up…still tired)

  • gehenna

    Well, she certainly seems to like him, otherwise the kiss would have been to the cheek. I say Quick should date Raven. Hmmm.. and as Proforce says, quite correctly, it seems Chrissy is interested in Quick, or let’s say, thinking about him and somewhat confused about it. I say Raven should call him or visit Quick and ask him out on a date!

  • Kid_K

    “This is the part where I stick my ovipositor down your throat..but I’m not an alien!”-MST3K ref

  • incy247

    Is this heading towards and awesome 3sum deal 😀

  • Gee

    Quick needs to be careful!

  • Retro_Dude

    Go for the gold quick!!

  • Kid_K


  • JPitt

    Ah yes, what will you do now Quick?

  • jack

    Well, he did get “get laid” tickets. who knows where this might lead. ;]

  • niege

    well they said that they were get laid tickets he he he

  • Kazzy

    I just gotta say, I really like how the art has really cleaned up since the comic started. Great job guys!

  • Maxipuchi

    Hey add some yuri sex! and some yaoi too! There’s enough hetero action in the real world already!

  • Mercenary X

    These two make a very cute couple, I hope these two get in the sack together and shag. Maybe it will lead to a very happy marrige, but that’s just my romantic side. My male side screams that Quick gets Cas and Ravin in the sack at the same time.

    But Beyond that, I wish Quick luck with either girl.

    • “…I hope these two get in the sack together and shag…”

      THAT’S your romantic side?

  • gehenna

    i like Raven more and more, she does not feel threatened by Chrissy.. or she does not care about it, I hope to see more of her further on, maybe phoning Quick and asking him out on dates. Or knocking on his door, Chrissy opening said door and Raven asking for Quick with a smile on her face. *Evil Grin*

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Go Raven! I think I like the idea of Quick getting with her more than I do him getting with Chrissy

  • Megaman volnutt

    Raven: tootsie’s awkward sister

  • Megaman volnutt

    Raven: tootsie’s awkward sister