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  • Proforce

    And the hair is explained! Merry Christmas!

  • SmeraldPrime


  • Dragonrazor

    lol….I don’t blame him at all. I’d do the same thing when faced with that little bunny bunny.

  • cccc

    omg wat i wouldent do for a situation like that,i would be sky and day,and now bunnys are my favorit type of animal :p


    hehe that made my day

  • Dusty

    o-O;: what are you waiting for, get the disinfectant!

  • Kittygal: “What do you mean?”

    Bunnygal: “Well, that aren’t snowflakes on the couch.”


    Btw, who’s that other guy?

    • thats Arzo he first appeared on page 9

      • Ooooohhhh… that guy. Nice to see him again.

  • niege

    wait did not chrissy and all of them live on the top of the building ???

    • hehe yes but theres a patio so He’ll be ok

      • Gardevoirian

        anyways, its not a window, its a door.

  • DragonPen

    “Ummm dude we are cool and all but..” *kicks him out the window*
    wow…if thats his friend i’d hate to see his enimies.

  • *slaps my face*

  • sammywhammybar

    Skye, that isn’t how you treat your bros, bro. ;D

  • Shoe

    What I’m wondering is why the dude is still wearing the “Cookie-Monster” Costume.

  • JustAfan

    meanwhile…how is Quick doing at (or after) the concert?

  • Supervizor

    *Nosebleeds to death*

  • Libra

    Is there anybody in this comic that’s not insanely hot?

    • Supervizor

      The guy in the cookie monster outfit maybe?

  • Diohgi

    this is how my friends treat me! jackoffs. The worst part is they have no prob if its just me cuz their bi but they wont share a chick

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Eeeeeewwwww!!!!! Tiger and bunny cooties!