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  • nightelf09

    LOL just who i thought it would be

  • Proforce

    Only one thing surprises me: that Reiko thought enough to grab a shirt and put it on before bringing Chrissy inside. Oh, and she’s actually blushing a bit at being caught.

  • Dragonrazor

    o.o I pictuered one or the other, not both…wow. And wasn’t her hair pink before?

    • Nice call, dude or dudette. I’m just glad that I was right that it wasn’t Quick and Raven.

      • Dragonrazor

        there was no danger of that. They were just on their way to the concert as Chrissy’s date was ending.

  • Kenshinpy

    O_O expliced mental image XD and funny too xD

  • knux

    Poor Chrissy. Tonight just isn’t her night XD

  • Rockk

    Haha ! Good thing it wasn’t Quick with that other chick :l ooh and did she dye her hair?

  • Retro_Dude

    Hey i was right! about it beingskye! =D
    Talk about a crazy night, i wonder what will happen next for chrissy.

  • sammywhammybar

    Lol Too much Info. If I were Chrissy I would be tearing out my ears and eyes.

  • Lolcat99

    IM amazed she got dressed at all

  • Whew so it wasn’t Quick getting some mouse booty right there but Reiko having some fun while teasing Chrissy X3

  • Kid_K

    Lifts weights? Is she commenting on Chrissy?

    • Drakara

      I think she was talking about Skye’s rod of joy.

  • Dusty

    oh XD poor Chrissy….

  • Lolcat99

    i have a feeling by the end of this comic reiko will have been in bed with crissy at least 1s

  • Shoe

    How do you look at your roommates the same way ever again 😛

  • lilum

    did any body notice 1 the mark on reiko’s shirt it is the same mark as sky’s clothes in that sketch 2 it slpped so it isn’t her size 3 she is only wearing pants. so these r all clues to confirme the relationship with sky

  • Duke of URL

    small gripe: “lead” =/= “led”

  • uh…no comment

  • Kid_K

    Poor Chrissy. She needs a hug…….From me :p

  • Waterwind222

    Anyone notice her hair color? Is it me, or did it go from pink to black?

  • Kid_K

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • sammywhammybar

    I just figured out that if you DO lift *you know what* with weights, it eventually leads to E.D. D:

    • Anonymous Bastard

      That only happens if you lift too much.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    That bunny is the biggest source of perverted humor in this comic by the looks of it,

  • Brad

    Wait a sec…… What color was her hair?

  • WebcomicSurfer

    I got a mental image, but I’m not sure if I should laugh or scream.

  • Jake

    Ah, i see i’m not the only guy doing cock push-ups.

  • ShadowKitsune

    What about Quick?