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  • Person

    0_o aqward first comment >_<

  • Person

    wher do you get theses ideas anyway?


    Doesn’t exactly look like she’s hating that moment… Oh what tangled webs they weave!

  • Dragonrazor

    okay, so let’s recap. Chrissy seems to like vulpine men who dress in ascots and sweaters (even if they be geekeh like Quick)

  • Oy, things are going to start getting complicated and out of hand, aren’t they?

  • V4V

    You love her
    But she loves him
    And he loves somebody else
    You just can’t win
    And so it goes
    Till the day you die
    This thing they call love
    It’s gonna make you cry
    I’ve had the blues
    The reds and the pinks
    One thing for sure

    (Love stinks)
    Love stinks! yeah yeah…..

    • Kokani

      LOL Perfect just perfect

  • Freelance

    Chrissy seems kinda innocent. At least she’ll be overwhelmed by so many attention. I guess next scene will have both one apart.

  • now where have i seen this before

    • hmm maybe in the comic named Maison Ikkoku from Viz comics?

  • SteelDragonFist

    Things are definitely gonna get personal.

  • Kid_K

    OM Nom Nom Nom?

  • Oh, look, Mr. Greenfox loves Catgirl, but he’s her teacher! How inappropriate! I smell DRAMA.

    Good choice switching to PNG, btw, and if you tried to avoid cutting off the tails of your characters while copypasting them into your Google Image Search backgrounds things would be even better.

  • meh…

    to me love is cliche and its abused sooo much…
    it saddens me to the point where i think is a useless emotion now…

    but its still amusing as hell XD


  • Animus

    Heh, of all the girls I know, all of them would have probably slapped him for pulling her that close and for that kiss, seemed more like a forced ”I’m a cool guy, I’ll kiss you without your permission” kind of kiss.

  • knux

    hatehimhatehimhatehimhatehimhatehim!!!! D:<

  • Dusty

    so unprofessional D:!

    Dusty likes >;O

  • relationship -50 points

  • Anonymous Bastard

    … something about that student teacher strikes me as slimey.

  • ShadowKitsune

    Love does stinks.

  • sulka

    Wow so there is racial intensions between the earth lightning and fire dragons
    So when will we see gaias daughter cybylia I am looking foward to seeing her

    • Gravedigger


      • Edge Knight

        the queens kid

        • Gravedigger

          you’ve still got me confused

          • Sly

            Well, you’re you.

          • Gravedigger

            well, havnt seen your sorry ass for a while.

            besides no one asked you

          • Sly

            Eh, calm your tits. Weirdo.

          • Edge Knight

            yep that’s her she the whole reason she wants kilani alive anyway

          • Gravedigger

            that’s just evil

          • alex_longfur

            Hey, you’re the one that went off on him just then for a harmless “probably”. I’ll be the ref for future arguments so that nobody gets hurt (you’re undead but it still applies to you).

          • alex_longfur

            We’re still cool… Right?

          • Gravedigger

            what are you talking about???

          • alex_longfur

            Not a clue. I figured you’d be mad if I started playing ref or interjecting. Error on my part.

          • Gravedigger

            I was referring to the idea of the queen wanting kilani alive to probably torture her

          • Gravedigger

            you still didn’t answer my question little buddy

    • If there are any rifts in relations between the Earth Dragons and the Palace, you’re right that this may have only widened them. As for this “Cybylia” character, such a character has not appeared in the story, so I’m not sure who you’re referring to.

      • Gravedigger

        my thoughts exactly

    • Sojourner

      Spelled “Cybela”, and it’s only a hypothetical name for now. Until Gaia’s daughter appears in canon, it is just a potential name.

  • Sly

    I’ve noticed that the skull shape in profile is very… odd..

    • Oh? How so? Keep in mind that some of skull is hidden by the character’s hair, and I do have to allow for the Dragons to have a snout.

      • Sly

        I just get the feeling that the head is very “short”. And it’s more of a very very pointy nose rather than a snout.

        • Gravedigger

          im surprised you noticed anything at all, considering your not very bright

          • Sojourner

            Though I personally preferred the old style heads, where they looked more human, I am inclined to agree with him. It’s “you’re”, by the way.

          • Gravedigger

            you’re right, my grammar sucks

          • Both the Tigers and Dragons had their heads redesigned a couple years ago, around the time the series went to color. The idea was to get their three-quarter view heads to jibe with their profiles. The profiles had these long snout-like noses, and that didn’t match the “3Q” view, where the nose was reduced to a tiny nub. In other words, the 3Q looked too flat compared to the profile. I liked the profile look better, so that was selected as the template for the new 3Q’s, and thus, the Dragons’ noses, in an effort to evoke a snout, were extended in 3Q, and the outlines for them were revised to make this visible, especially where the far end of the nose goes beyond the character’s cheek. All this has made the heads easier to render in three dimensions.

            A similar solution was implemented for the Tigers. The bridge of the nose was already crowded with the boundary lines for their orange areas. Thus, I added a couple of furrows to the the vertex where the bridge of the nose meets the rest of the face, to imply that the skin is changing direction there.

            I’m much happier with the way the heads look now as it increases my flexibility with the angles at which their heads can be oriented. It’s all for the best, I assure you! ^__^

          • Gravedigger

            wait a sec, a couple years, how long has this comic been around???

          • Nine years as a comic this January, and 14 years overall. ^__^

          • Gravedigger

            I had to ask, ive only been following regularly since july

          • Sly

            Oh the irony.

          • Gravedigger

            too bad your name makes you a liar

          • James-Polymer

            Gravedigger, I’m no sure exactly what’s got your knickers in a twist, but I hardly think this kind of behavior is warranted. You’re both fans of the same webcomic; he disagreed with you and you respond with insults and provocation. Do us all a favor and keep it in private messaging, please.

          • Gravedigger

            he actually started this conflict awhile back on Las Lindas, he called me some really nasty names, and all he really does is complain that the comic characters arnt pleasant, hes probably the reason they quit allowing comments on Las Lindas

          • Sly

            That really sting your eyes, doesn’t it? Someone that has something to say that you don’t agree with?

            I point out things that are odd, out of place or straight out bad. Things that could be improved. If dear Mr Artist want to listen and take in advice or just ignore it is not for me to decide, but I put it there. And if someone turn off the comment section because not everyone is blindly asslicking the “greatness” of their art and storytelling, well tough luck.
            I might have a harsh tone but life isn’t all about flowers and butterflies.

            Compared to you who rarely, if ever, contribute with anything else than unnecessary comments where you state your current brain activity or whatever it is. With a vast amounts of exclamation marks, of course.

  • Sable

    Uh oh, This isnt going to go well, and for once I’d say Eone is in the wrong. Looking mediocre and getting the bare minimum is going to just make earth dragons look bad, and such liberties could be revoked.

    • Very keen observation. Eone’s plan could backfire and erase the gains they made in the past few days. We’ll see how it plays out…

      • Sable

        Just have to hope that she gets a sudden bout of common sense

        • Gravedigger

          I could slap some sense into her

      • Adam Carranco

        i get the impression that saph is going to get too eager and do something no one fire or earth will like

  • MaveriKat

    Darn! Had no clue this got posted; didn’t see any notice on your FA page.

    But yeah, very nice piece. I’m surprised Eone is being so cold to Lady Red, considering how she’d been stealthily hitting on her for awhile… I guess the Fire Dragoness drafting them crossed a line.

    • You might be right. Last time they were called upon, the Earth Dragons were fighting to save the Imperial City. This… isn’t quite the same thing.

      And as for the update, it automatically went up while I happened to be in school. Now that I’m back at my computer, I’ve done all the usual updates everywhere else. ^__^

      • MaveriKat

        Definitely not the same thing. One was protecting their home. The other is being sent out as a goon squad to capture a tiger for the Queen.

        • Gravedigger

          it always sucks when you have to do someone else’s dirty work

          • MaveriKat

            So true.

          • Gravedigger


  • sulka

    Oh I mean gaias daughter that what I think her name is

  • sulka

    So Why did the male dragons left they do not agree with the war or something I wouldn’t blame
    them they left crazy prideful leader and the tigers there no better than the dragons themselves
    I love your comic it kind of shows there is no good guy or bad guy it is just like humans do
    Heres is an idea maybe oscura and kess might share a jail cell and start killing each other

    • Wow. I’m sorry, but a period or a comma or something would’ve made that easier to read. Anyway, I think I was able to parse it in my brain. ^__^;; You’ve got a pretty solid idea on the pigheadedness on each side. Maybe their eyes may one day be opened , and a recurring theme I hope to continue to illustrate is that both sides have more in common with each other than either side is willing to admit. Hence, the “no clear good guy or bad guy” dynamic I’ve sought to foster. As for Oscura and Kess being in a jail cell and killing each other, well, that would only make the losing side even madder. Wouldn’t solve anything.

  • Guest

    Eone is literally playing with fire!!

  • ElektraFan

    Eone is literally playing with fire.

    • Gravedigger

      she could get burned to death

    • Literally, as well as figuratively. ^__^

  • Philip Bourque

    Well, that could backfire catastrophically. “Lady Red, what is your assessment of the Earth Dragons” “They appear to lack initiative and are slow to act without orders. It may be best to limit their freedom for their own protection.”

    • Great prognostication! Yeah, this could come back to bite Eone and company in the ass. Hope she knows what she’s getting them into…

      • Philip Bourque

        Does anyone ever know what they are getting into?

  • MrAMP

    Hm…I’m getting the sick feeling that, when this is all said in done, one to two dragons are going to die.

    Also isn’t Eone perpetuating the whole Earth Dragons are weak stereotype by holding back? If she really wants to break down those barriers, doing her A Game will do her race proud.

    • Gravedigger

      you re right as usual MrAMP

    • Perhaps, but she may be playing the “conscientious objector” card here. It’s what happens with forced servitude–there are motivational issues.

  • Puffball

    Geez, Eone, way to snuff out that so-called “vocal minority” :/ All she has to do is tell Lady Red the names of who *does* want to be brought into combat if she doesn’t want to be drafted again in the future. On a lighter note, I’m glad to see yet another similarity in dragon and tiger lore. Their languages are written as very different, but the variations for the names of certain places and now their shared goddess implies that the races weren’t so different in times beyond anyone’s remembering. I wonder if the dragon elders know how it used to be before the fights started. Maybe the two races shared a language, or at least understood one another’s

    • Very keen observation on the name of the goddess. I want to show that the Tigers and Dragons may have some common cultural roots, with each side naturally claiming that theirs is the superior of the two. ^__^

  • Vince

    Not a single butt shot in sight. Odd.

    • LOL! I thought of this when sketching the page, but didn’t find a good spot to use one. I’ll see what I can do to make it up to you on upcoming pages. ~__^

      • Gravedigger

        I love you man

  • Thad Zurcher

    Who knows, I think kilani will pull out a diary that has all tha times she and “chuci” spent together and one of the dragons can read tiger language and will learn tha whole story on what happened then. Now THAT would make for something interesting.

    • I’m sure Kilani would have some stories to tell, though I would imagine that that would only make Queen Oscura even more pissed off since it was Kilani having those sweet moments with “Chuki” and not the queen. It would only rub salt in the wound.

      • Thad Zurcher

        Or it would open the queens eyes and reveal that the tigers are not the menaces they think they are.

        • Gravedigger

          like thatll happen

          • Thad Zurcher

            Hahaha LOL

          • Gravedigger

            it just seems that the queen bitch of the dragons is pretty stuck on revenge instead of peace

  • Chromoid

    Hmm… I sense impending tragedy caused by these orders.

    That’s gonna be tough, if it proves to be the case, but it’ll certainly help to get the earth dragons off the fence and into the fight.

    • We’ll see how it turns out. It looks like Eone wants her crew to do whatever’s necessary to avoid a fight, though.

  • CinnamonSalve

    I would say “cue low-tone sadness music” but it seems to be unnecessary.

    • LOL! My soundtrack suggestion is simply a suggestion. If you’ve got a title and artist for “low-tone sadness music,” I’ll gladly take a listen. d^__^b

      • CinnamonSalve

        I have far too many to list, but .//Hack GU’s Lost Resolution song is one of them, but the actual song’s theme doesn’t fit… There’s also Swaying Emotions, from the same game, or possibly the Final Hours song from Majora’s Mask.

  • Krahazik

    Has the reason for this whole war been brought up yet? Or is it one of those things where they have been fighting for so long no one remembers why they are really fighting anymore?

    • Gravedigger

      like the Hatfield-McCoy fued

    • Officially, it’s the latter. Maybe I’ll give more specifics in future installments, but for the time being, all each side knows is that they need to retaliate for the other side killing their people all the time. Gotta love them stalemates.

  • Rynn2588

    I feel where Eone is coming from, but after making a complete ASS out of herself to Queen Oscura, (Even though Schaddig worked her magic on the Queen first) she’s shooting herself in the foot. Big time. Sorry, Eone. You need to seriously rethink your priorities before going toe-to-toe on something like this. The mission, no matter how f’ed up it is; must be followed to a T! Also, “Luasa”? Am I getting a Persian-Greek vibe with the sharing of god names? Very clever from a history buff’s standpoint!

    • Thanks! I’m glad that it comes across like that, though I can’t rightfully claim that “Luasa” was intended to sound Persian or Greek. I have, however, tried to give the Tigers, in particular, more of an African, Arab, and Persian flavor in their names and native terminology, whereas the Dragons take on a more European flavor. That being said, there are some terms that might have had a common origin, but whose pronunciations have evolved over time along with the language in which they reside; hence, the similarity between “Calera” and “Khalira,” and now “Loessa” and “Luasa.”

  • Gravedigger

    hey, RazorFox, I gots a very important question to ask you

    • Should’ve just gone ahead and asked it. What’s your very important question, Gravey?

      • Gravedigger

        now I done forgot what I was going to ask you

  • IG

    The Dragons and tigers have different languages, but which “Earth” language would be most compatible with theirs?

    • Gravedigger

      I guess Gibberish

    • I haven’t really decided, though I have been researching the general sounds of various languages to help inspire the spoken tongues. Maybe we might hear some of it soon… ~__^

      • IG

        Have you listened to old languages like Latin, old norse or something similar?

        • Not without paying close attention, but I’m starting to. For research! ^o^

          • Gravedigger

            RazorFox, your willingness to go the extra mile has just got you a title match with MasterGodai for the comic creator World Championship!!

          • MasterGodai’s a good friend of mine, but I think I could take him in a fight. He’s a family man, though, so I’d go easy on him.

          • Gravedigger

            you don’t actually have to hit him, if you can work a butt shot into one of the next two comics youll probably win

          • Gravedigger

            RazorFox, oh great creator, a humble fan has a dire question to ask, if you see fit answer!!!!!!!!

          • Oh, you remembered your question? Ask away!

          • Gravedigger

            i already asked the question, but ill ask again, whatever happened to the tiger characters from the first couple chapters???????

          • You mean Scyde, Xiu, Kanti, and Tam’syn? They’re in line for future storylines. Remember that Kanti is Kenzi’s big sister. ^__^

          • Gravedigger

            yes those girls, but what are they doing now, and how much time has passed between the recovery mission and the great escape???

            and do you know about Mastergodai’s tribute to your comic

          • You mean since Kilani broke Kess, Shie, and Riah out of captivity? Only two days. ^__^

          • Gravedigger

            really? cause I remember the queen worring about her missing egg, now the kid’s like six

          • Oh, that? Yeah, that was six years ago in story time. The events of the comic, however, have only spanned about a week.

          • Gravedigger

            so a week between the team going to get the claws and the escape???

          • Yup! ^__^

          • Gravedigger

            okay, the change of characters made it seem longer, do you know about MasterGodai’s tribute arc to the Draconia Chronicles??

          • IG

            I’ve read a TwoKinds FanFic that made the assumption that the Basitin language is structurally indistinguishable from French, maybe there’s some possible Fan input on your work as well?

          • Let’s see what I come up with first. Maybe you’ll like it. But what suggestions did you have?

          • IG

            Maybe Something like Atlantean for the dragons and Icelandic for the tigers?

            I dunno, but maybe this can give you some ideas; ,

          • Gravedigger

            of course for “research”~_^

  • George

    ” . . . almost made me laugh” made ME laugh! Nice touch. 🙂

    • Next, maybe I’ll have Saph ask “What’s a nubian?” ^__^

      • George

        “Red rage! Red rage! I’ll toast any tiger I lay my Queen-lovin’ eyes on!”

  • James Lewis

    I knew I didn’t like this guy, let’s kill him.