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  • Proforce

    I knew this was coming. I knew this was coming. But I’m still cursing enough make a sailor blush with shame.

    • Mr. Al

      agreed. why do people act like this?

  • wwolfneo

    i still don’t know if they are right for each other but i think they need a 2nd chance to find out, hopefully this wouldn’t be the end of them being together

  • Retro_Dude

    AT least it didnt get violent not that its a bad thing *catfight*
    Another great page :3

  • Shoe

    Aww :[ But will this be a comedy or a tragedy?

  • Jesus

    Ugh…why’d this have to happen :/

  • AduroNox

    Who doesn’t love good old fashon love games? (I’m old greeeeggg!!!)

  • strided

    This comic needs to update waaay more often. It is my favorite to read.

  • Hunk23

    This can’t be happening, it’s all happening way to fast darn it and they barely started their semester, and the last panel made me sad!! ಥ_ಥ

  • Dragonrazor

    oh please. a few weeks later, they’ll be trying to tear each other’s clothes off.

  • I just noticed. Quick and that TA have similar fashion statements.

    • Dragonrazor

      Which means Chrissy likes a certain type of guy.

      • Hmmm… that seems about right. Wow. I didn’t notice that.

  • Dusty

    D:! NUUUU The Trama continues!

  • JPitt

    Not good at all when cooler heads don’t prevail.

  • Tainted Melody

    Noooo~ ;-;

  • Kid_K


  • JustAfan


  • niege


  • Both have feelings for each other….

  • heartless

    last panels is so sad and beautifull

  • LucifersAngelFeather

    aaah my thought of what is going to happen is unfolding. hmm, lets see how far i have seen, and see if im right, shall we?
    but quit the dun dun duun moment at last panel, but still sad

  • This is one time when I hope “Get Laid seats” don’t live up to their name.

  • sammywhammybar

    D: Heartbreak

  • Dr. Fox

    Hey there… I just started reading your stuff… not bad dude let’s see I will kip in touch

  • Dr. Fox

    by the way… I was reading some of the other people’s comments and I don know you but stuff like that do happen more than what we think and well does not really becomes any more of a simple solved situation… what I am traying to say is that the story seems fun and the caracters are well the act like pople that I know, so be careful you can have a good story going here if you know how to use it but it can get cheese pretty fast if you are not careful

  • Kid_K

    STOP her! Don’t let her get away!!!! Tell her even if she doesn’t listen! D:

  • gehenna

    He should not explain anything, she went with the other guy, so he can go out with raven, whether she likes it or not. it is not like they are an item anyway.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Wait, why the hell is she angry? It’s not like she was going out with him. Now poor Raven just saw all that and knows that their’s not going to be anything between her and Quick (the mousey strikes me as the perceptive type).

  • ShadowKitsune

    Shit from the fan plastered the walls.