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  • Kokani

    And cue the awkward man theme music

    • exnato

      Wow, thats one cool bike Quick have. And where are they suppose to be? I dont know who should i feel sorry about, Quick or Chrissy

      • Dusty

        ouch, I CALL REBOUND! X3

        • Epic Rofl ooo boy you in trouble now quick shouldn’t have taken your friend’s help

  • Derek


    • Mr. Al

      -Zat waz nawt medicin!

      cookie if you get the ref .p

  • Hunk23

    no No!! Why did does it always end up like this!!! ಠ_ಠ

  • traintrack6

    well, this could be seen coming a mile away. Let’s watch their reactions, shall we? Will it follow the typical sitcom chaos, will Raven end up left out in the cold, will Chrissy decide to date someone else for (unfounded) revenge, or will there be an original sequence to come?

    • Sabourok

      Original sequence? If it’s plausable, feasable and entertaining, it’s been done. Nothing is really original anymore.

      • traintrack6

        Hey, this is loosely based on Emi’s personal experiences (supposedly), so maybe something different will happen. Or maybe she has a unique twist on the situation.

        • Actually this is completely unrelated to Emi and done by another artist/writer.

  • Kitz

    they should where helmets! kidz these days

  • niege


    • LucifersAngelFeather

      just what i would have said

      damn this is either gonna go to a big arguement that will end disaster. OR it will go to a weird talk next page, then they drive of and progress in a silence beetween the two until it goes to a kinda sad lets be friend all turns totally romantic… tell me if im wrong :3

  • I feel Envy around her

  • gehenna

    Well, Chrissy should not be jealous of Raven, or even angry with Quick, after all, she just went out with the other guy right away ignoring Quick. And it was not Quick’s fault, i say he goes with Raven to the concert and enjoy himself (specially since he’s got those Get Laid seats *grin*)

    • drk nite

      think quick…. uh…quick…ask for a threesome!

  • Retro_Dude

    I smell jealousy

    • Anonymous Bastard

      Cat vs. Mouse joke ahoy.

      Anyways, Quick, you gotz a cycle?! That’ll get the ladies.

    • ShadowKitsune

      Oh fuck. And shit hits the fan.

  • Cokuruscana

    I find it kinda funny that she’s jealous/envious. xD Poor Quick.

  • Proforce

    Chrissy had him without realizing it, and now that she wants him she may have to fight for him. Story of my life.

  • V4V

    Long as it doesn’t degrade into a love dodecahedron…

  • Kid_K

    Meow Meow chika Meow Meow

    • Tendo

      Shouldn’t that be “Meow Chika Meow Meow?”

      …. and now i’m getting Red vs Blue flashbacks….

  • phoenix

    ooooh shit he screwed

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