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  • Dusty

    wow, i though some serious love triangle was gonna form, thankfully the date ended so quickly~

    • Shoe

      Yeah but won’t something happen with like Quick going with the mouse chick?

      • Burninghart

        Yer, things could get complicated pretty quickly. Lessee, Quick digs Chrissy, but might end up digging the mouse-girl, too; Chrissy is digging the teacher but might end up digging Quick instead(and then ending up fighting the mouse-girl over him, and being angry with him for not taking her out), and the teacher, jealous of Quick’s influence on Chrissy, might do his part in making Quick’s life hell.

        Things are about to get interesting, whatever the case… *watches intently*

  • Proforce

    I wonder what Chrissy will do once she gets home and finds that Quick had tickets for her, but went out on a date with someone else. More importantly, will she find out that Skye is the one who set him up on his date and that he wasn’t looking for it.

    Side note: I wonder just how long Reiko is going to let this go on. Then again, she does seem to like tormenting Quick, doesn’t she?

  • Astro

    Wow, What a lovely predicament

  • Dragonrazor

    I find it funny that Chrissy is the one imagining Quick having a pillow with her image on it.

    • traintrack6


    • freehopper

      Yeah, Vanity Alert!

  • traintrack6

    Hmm… this can either turn out surprisingly well, or horribly wrong.

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  • Regvarde

    So, she’s getting in the car of some guy that she just met and hardly knows anything about. Gee, no way THAT could possibly go wrong!

    • freehopper

      Yeah if this was Fringe she’d be sooo totally screwed.

    • heartless

      it’s her teacher…

      …this my first comment ever -.-* ….

  • Sammywhammybar

    I would so buy a Chrissy pilliow XD

    • Burninghart

      Agreed. X3

      • Dragonrazor

        seconded…motion carried….erhm <>

        • Kevin

          third….ed? third’d? whatever! you get my point! CHRISSY PILLOWS FOR THE WORLD!

  • freehopper

    God I love this art style, so wonderfur. I mean wonderful ;P

  • Hmm trouble ahead with misunderstanding

  • niege

    i wonder what he is planning when he drives her home *suspicious*

  • Kid_K

    Oh the crazy that is going to happen.. Cat n Mouse fight anyone?

  • Kale

    Hey, you never know, they could have a calm, rational discussion about it and work things out immediately without random misunderstanding drama.

    Hah, right, that’s going to happen.

  • Retro_Dude

    I just got into this comic recently and really enjoy the story and the art style. I absolutely love the way you drew chrissy on the first panel

  • Kid_K

    I wonder if Imaginary Quick Drew the Pillow Chrissy in Chrissy’s imagination..Also why a pillow? 😀

  • Anonymous Bastard

    You know, either that student teacher guy is really polite or he’s up to something.

  • ShadowKitsune

    Uh oh! Oh nononononono…..

    • Cory Tenorio

      “Collect” as in steal Nekkony perse?

      • Radar


  • XxenonN

    For those at home who are just joining…
    Collecting what, exactly?

    • Allison J Barker

      “quality time” with nekonny

      • Slasheredge

        quality time is that what we’re calling it now? Oh wow.

        • Slasheredge

          Run Nekkony RUN AFTER THIS IS OVER!

          • Ice

            Uhhh Muna’s right arm in panel 3 is off… she has a sleeve on her right arm whereas in all the others it’s her left that has the sleeve….

          • BigJ

            Nice catch there xD

          • Sly

            In the first panel, the pattern on the belly is different too.

          • Zeckemyro

            3rd panel, Muna’s outfit is switched, her right arm and left leg are clothed while it should be her left arm and right leg like the other panels.

          • Toshiro Tushima

            Now that is much better, Nekonny!

          • DarkMyste

            run to where….. there cats and there female they will FIND HIM!

          • Emptyadam

            A man cave :3

          • Slasheredge

            Well it’s easy if they kill him they lose (in their case) the only decent single “tail” on the island.

          • Slasheredge

            He could try swimming so that they lose the scent, and then hide where he comes up.

      • Borderwolf

        From this strip
        I don’t think that Kimi will let other females whether they are nekocat, human, or cat, have any “quality time” with Nekonny.

        • Hfar

          Harem solution?

  • Raconis

    Poor Nekonny is gonna be the center of a Cat-Astrophe after the catastrophe lol

    • alex_longfur

      Yeah, he’s definitely gonna be feline it.

      • Emptyadam

        Your puns are purrrr-fection!

        • Sandman

          As long as he does’nt end up Cat-atonic from it, meh but he might feline a bit sore in the morning.

          • alex_longfur

            Hopefully they don’t catnip it in the bud.

    • Snowskeeper

      I read that as “cat-apostrophe” three times before I realized what you actually wrote. Needless to say, I was confused.

  • XEspadaX

    For the love God, leave the two alone, look all the other chances you have in the islan……
    You know what, forget what I said. The only other guy is a weirdo imp and the other people are just “clayman”.
    Sooo, go ahead with you plan.

  • BigJ

    Aw, man. I was hoping for some twin incest yuri T^T

    And as for collecting, good luck getting passed Kimi.

    • MrAMP

      Well, they sure do have their priorities straight. You know collect payment instead of dealing with quite possibly the end of the world XD

      • Emptyadam

        That’s normal when killing evil female bunny humans is as easy as breathing. I mean they seem to be having fun.

    • Emptyadam

      Two dual wielding sword pros that would destroy the universe for him, I’m pretty sure Kimi would end up half dead… Just sayin

      • BigJ

        And she’s the chosen one that transformed them into those sword wielders. So needless to say, she can turned them back into ordinary cats if she wanted to.

        • Snowskeeper

          You say that as if turning them back into ordinary cats wouldn’t make things harder for her.

          • BigJ

            It would be harder if Mika and Muna return to being cats but Kimi and Nekonny stay as Nekos.

          • BlackWind

            atnope there would hardly be any difference as Kimi handles them both no sweat from before they got transformed

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Um, you got messed up for Muna outfit between panel 1 and 3. The shade sleeve should be on her left arm, not right arm.

  • alex_longfur

    Notice how the enemies are also female?

    • Andrew

      Yeah, noticed a little while back.

  • Emptyadam

    Muna’s last pose was HAWT :3 I wish I could draw that well…

  • Aquila

    Panel 3, Muna’s sleeves/pantlegs are on the wrong sides.

  • Nathan

    Did they swap suits in the 3rd box?

  • jboy44

    I don’t think anyone will be a cat again once this is all over

  • Zeckemyro

    Although the arm issue on muna’s 3rd panel clothing is fixed, the right leg is not clothed like it should be

    • UmbrotheUmbreon

      Muna looks so elegant and beautiful in that last panel she’s in :3

      • Radar

        she is a cat after all

    • Mihari

      I’ll remind him once he gets home from work.

  • thecurryloveer

    The Sparkles are so beautiful wait so why dose blood not come out of these creatures?